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Q&A - Alphabet Soup: GVW, GCWR, GAWR and More...

Q&A ImageI am working to determine the total weight, dry and loaded, of our new boat which will be arriving this spring.  Most of that data I am able to get from the manufacturer or dealership.  Unfortunately, our current SUV is not rated high enough to pull the new boat.  That in turn means we will eventually have to buy a new vehicle – I am researching several to determine their towing capacity.  For this sum

Q&A - Didn't See the New Sign

Q&A ImageI routinely drive in a certain Vancouver area. Tonight I was ticketed for turning right at a red light. I was told there is a new no-right-turn-at-red-light sign, that I think was just installed in the last day or two. The policeman said he was waiting there for people to violate that sign.

Q&A - CVSE Authority

Ticket WriterDo Commercial Vehicle Safety and Enforcement (CVSE) officers have the authority to pull over and ticket non-commercial vehicles for traffic violations such as speeding or running a stop sign?

Q&A - Ticket for "Drive Without Due Care"

Q&A ImageI was returning to Calgary from Seattle through Trans Canada 1 west of Golden. The road conditions were poor, with a few inches of fresh snow, and visibility was poor due to blowing snow. Traffic had slowed to around 50 km/h. I watched other drivers pass semis behind me which were moving at around 30 km/hm due to the extremely poor visibility from driving behind them.

Q&A - Mudflaps, or the Lack of Them

Q&A ImageMy question is concerning mud flaps/spray difusers or the lack of them.

Why is it that there seems to be an over-abundance of vehicles that don't utilize them? The worst offenders are the "monster" trucks, but not limited to them, zero overhang vehicles such as Smart cars, as one example, also 'fling' debris straight into the air.

Q&A - It Wasn't a School Zone

Q&A ImageCurrently, I am disputing a ticket I received back in June; I was clocked on radar doing 60 km/h through a school zone and was alleged to have violated Section 147(1). However, the section of road I was travelling on is a fairly busy two-lane road, and as such the signs indicating the school zone do not have the "30 km/h" speed limit sign under them.

Q&A - Showing Proof of Speed

Q&A ImageMy mom recently received a traffic ticket for speeding in school zone.

The officer verbally told her that she was driving at 45 km/h in the 30 zone. Later, my mom heard from her friend who also got a ticket that the officer who stopped her actually showed the speed sensor to her for how fast she was going at the time.

My questions are:

Q&A - Traffic Light Timing

Q&A ImageI am wondering what is the minimum time a traffic light must give when changing from green to red?

Q&A - Difference Between Impaired and Over .08

Counter Attack LogoI witnessed a discussion the other day about the difference between the charges of driving over .08 BAC and driving impaired. Over .08 BAC is obvious but what actions or behaviours can bring an impaired driving charge? Does it specifically refer to alcohol and drugs. Can a person be deemed impaired by illness, say dementia, or impaired by say a neck brace or cast?

Q&A - Change Lanes Without Signal

Q&A ImageI just received a ticket for 151(c) basically saying that I change lanes without signal. I find it upsetting that I received this ticket because I did turn on my signal. He said it was just not fast enough as I was just completing a right turn then going to the left lane and the blinker was still signalling right.

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