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Q&A - Driving Too Fast for Conditions

Q&A ImageMy son was ticketed with driving too fast for conditions. The air and roads were dry. No 'conditions'. He was in an unfamiliar area at night and was in a roundabout which had a steep ditch on one side. As he was unfamiliar with the round about, he simply turned into the curb instead of following the curve of the road, and ended up over the curb and slightly down the embankment.

Q&A - Distracted Driving for Tourists

Q&A ImageI was caught using a cell phone while driving and handed a ticket. Being a tourist from California I didn't know about the new no cell phone law. But the officer's reasoning was that it is also unlawful to use a cell phone in California and decided to write me a ticket.

My questions are:

Q&A - Driving With an Arm in a Sling

Q&A ImageI recently had shoulder surgery and am in a sling for 7 weeks. I want to know if it is considered illegal to drive one armed?

Q&A - Misuse of Emergency Vehicles

Q&A ImageI have a question relating to ambulances. When an ambulance is parked, not in a emergency situation, do they have the right to park anywhere they want to even though they are parked illegally??

Q&A - Display L or N by non-GLP Driver

New Driver Signs 2011I have been told that if my child leaves her N or L on the car and the police pull me over I can receive a ticket for having a new driver sign displayed when I am not a new driver. Is this true?

Q&A - Designated Drivers

Counter Attack LogoI had a question regarding the Designated Driver Programs that are popping up around town.

On Grey Cup Sunday I had attended a sports bar with a plan to have 3 drinks in a 6 hour time frame and drive home. Well, at half time in the game, my plan was well out the window! At this point I was told of the Designated Driver Program that the bar offers.

I signed up for the service and enjoyed the rest of the game.

Q&A - Vehicle Inspection Order After 30 Days

Q&A ImageI was pulled over for no doors on my Jeep and i also had too much of my tires sticking out of the fenders. I was given an inspection order #2 and to have it done within 30 days. I did as the officer requested putting my doors on and bought wider fender flares.

Q&A - Prohibited Drivers and Ebikes

Q&A ImageI have recently read a number of articles regarding suspended drivers using ebikes as a sources of transportation. Some people have questioned if this was legal or not as they assumed these ebikes were governed under the Motor Vehicles Branch regulations. Could you please provide some clarity for this concern.

Q&A - Are We Too Regulated?

Q&A ImageJust wondering if you read the article in the province where Tom Stamatakis, president of the BC police union gave his thoughts on the new impaired driving laws? Food for thought don't you think? I'm beginning to think we are becoming too regulated.

Q&A - Headlight Colour

Q&A ImageI was just given a warning about my headlights . I recently installed a yellow protective film over my headlights and I was under the impression that all forward facing lights are to be white or amber . The only info I can find is for height and power . Any help would be great.

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