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Q&A - Mistake on the Ticket Date

Q&A ImageI would like to know whether a ticket with the wrong date (off by a month) can be dismissed prior to an actual court appearance? I only learned of the wrong date when I went to pay my fine early on and was told I had to pay the full amount so I promptly filed a dispute notice.

Q&A - Strata Roads

Q&A ImageI live in a strata with a straight fire lane running through it. The speed limit is clearly marked by signs and large print on the road. Residents (owner and counsel members) from the units farthest the street willfully speed past my unit in excess of thrice the limit of 15km/h. I have tried talking to them and informed strata bit all to no avail - in fact speed bumps were removed.

Q&A - Blinded by the Lights

Q&A ImageWould you research the legality of driving (especially at night) with more than two headlights on when on low beam ? I drive truck at night and more and more people are driving with four lights on and calling them low beam lights. They are very bright to oncoming traffic and these idiots WILL NOT turn them off !!!

Q&A - Classes of Driver's Licenses

Q&A ImageWhat is a class III license in BC for drivers? A job I was thinking of applying for wants this license and I do not know what it is.

Q&A - Hung by the Second Test

Q&A ImageUnder the new Immediate Roadside Prohibition rules, motorists are able to take a second test on a different device, says RCMP Constable Steve Holmes.

"Holmes says the driver, who had a strong odour of liquor on his breath, proceeded to blow a fail on his second try.

Q&A - Failing to Stop for Pedestrians Ticket

Q&A ImageI was given a ticket for not stopping for pedestrians at a crosswalk. It was a red light in front of me, with cars lined up behind a crosswalk about 10meters from the light on the right lane. I was on the left lane, slowing down before the red with only one car in front of me stopped at the light.

As I was passing the crosswalk, I slowed to make sure there were no pedestrians, and decided to pass.

Q&A - Improperly Equipped Motor Vehicle

Q&A ImageWould you please explain section 219(1) of the Motor Vehicle Act? My driver window gear stopped working on the Labour Day weekend (4 days ago) and I have not had time to get back to the dealer to have it repaired. The officer informed me that this is a safety issue if the vehicle ended up in the river I would be trapped.

Q&A - Should Cyclists be Able to Yield at Stop Signs?

Stop SignI listened to an interview last Thursday on CBC Radio's On the Coast with Stephen Quinn interviewing cyclists James Carruthers and Richard Campbell. It sounds to me like sour grapes after Carruthers was ticketed for running a red light in Vancouver.

Q&A - The Officer Didn't See the Offence

Q&A ImageI am curious how is it that it is possible for an officer to issue a ticket without actually witnessing the alleged offense, and only going by a couple of witness calls that likely do not have the plate number of the alleged offender and in a location that is not specific?

Q&A - Failure to stop at a stop sign.

Q&A ImageOver a year ago, my husband came to pick me up after work a little after 11 pm.  We live in a town of 20,000 people and it was a wed night, traffic is not very busy at the worst of times. He pulled into the left turn lane, saw nobody coming in from any direction and then instead of coming to a complete stop, sort of rolled to an almost stop and then kept going. 

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