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READING - Best Practice for Urban Road Safety

International Transport Forum logoHere's a relatively short document from the International Transport Forum outlining seven case studies in four areas:

CONTEST - Canada's Safest Driver

canada's safest driverAre you really a better than average driver? Well, here's your chance to prove it and win prizes at the same time. Parachute, in co-operation with Desjardins, is conducting the Canada's Safest Driver contest between October 1 and November 26, 2020.

ELECTION 2020 - Road Safety Issues

BC LogoBC residents will be electing a new provincial government on October 24, 2020. Prior to the past two elections I e-mailed the four principal parties and asked if they had any road safety planks in their election platforms. I was added to mailing lists and sent boilerplate responses, but never received a considered answer. Perhaps this will be different in 2020, but I'm not holding my breath.

VIDEO - The Smith System of No Accident Driving

VideoWhile this video is a genuine antique, it is still valid today. In fact, the company itself is still "the world's leading crash-avoidance training company according to their web site. The company focus today is on commercial vehicles but the system applies equally to and driver.

WEBINAR - Situation Not Normal; Is Your Mind on Driving?

Road Safety at Work LogoWhen things aren't normal, even the everyday tasks we perform, such as driving, can be affected. We may not even realize that how we're feeling is affecting how we're driving. Join Road Safety at Work on July 9, 2020 at 11:00 am.

Canada Road Safety Week 2020

Slow down and save lives is the message for Canada Road Safety Week 2020. Road Safety Week started in 1985 as a national effort by the Canada Safety Council to promote the use of seatbelts. Since then, it has focused on the four most common contributors to road casualties: not wearing seatbelts, driving while impaired by alcohol or other drugs, aggressive driving and distracted driving.

NEWS - May 2020: Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month

motorcycleThe province has proclaimed the month of May as motorcycle safety awareness month. Motorcyclists are directed to ICBC's All the Gear, All the Time advice and drivers are simply reminded to be aware and share the road with motorcycles.

ROAD SAFETY AT WORK - Assessing and Improving Employee Driving Skills

Road Safety at Work LogoHere is an important question for you as an employer: Do you know why it is important for you to know what driving skills and behaviours your employees have? The short answer is that you have a legal duty to insure that your employees are qualified to carry out their assigned driving tasks.

WEBINAR - People Aren't Pylons!

Road Safety at Work LogoWork sites can be busy and dangerous places There's a lot is going on, and people are focused on their work. Everyone at a work site - employers, supervisors, workers, contractors and visitors - are keen to prevent work site collisions.

READING - Vision Zero Canadian Landscape 2.0: Successes and Opportunities

Vision Zero CanadaParachute Canada has released the eighth in a series of publications titled "Vision Zero Canadian Landscape 2.0: Successes and Opportunities." Pages 11 to 18 outline B.C.'s approach to Vision Zero and contains an interview with Colleen Hildebrandt, Outreach Manager, Road Safety Strategy, Policy & Strategic Initiatives Branch, RoadSafetyBC and Erin Anderson, Senior Manager, Road Safety Strategy and Stakeholder Relations, RoadSafetyBC.

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