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ROADSENSE TIPS - Designated Driver


This tip about designated drivers takes a look at what people think that a designated driver is and how important it can be to find a sober ride home in the face of BC's new drinking and driving legislation.


ICBC LogoSchool's back, and that means 30 km/h school zones are also in effect. A car travelling at 50 km/h in ideal conditions takes 37 metres to stop. At 30 km/h, you can stop in less than half that distance. ICBC's tip features a crossing guard explaining why it's so important drivers slow down in school zones.

ROADSENSE TIPS - Approaching a Curve

ICBC logoDo you know the right way to handle a curve or a bend in the road? In this month's tip, Approaching a Curve, ICBC explains the safest way to handle those twists and turns on our roads.

ROADSENSE TIPS - Smart Holiday Driving

ICBC logoThis ICBC RoadSense video attempts to dispel some of the common myths about knowing when it is safe to drive after you have consumed alcohol. Dr. Bruce Campana explains that the best choice is still not to drive if you have been drinking.

ROADSENSE TIPS - Driving Smart in Bad Weather

ICBC logoFall has arrived in BC and with it rain, snow, ice and poor visibility. This month's Roadsense Tip from ICBC, Driving Smart in Bad Weather, helps you deal with the weather changes.

ROADSENSE TIPS - Slow Down in a School Zone

ICBC LogoSeptember means kids are heading back to school, so drivers need to be extra careful. Remember that school zones are in effect again and that means lower speed limits. This month's tip will help remind you what to watch out for in school zones.

ROADSENSE TIPS - Impaired Driving

ICBC LogoParties and social gatherings are a big part of summertime fun. It can lead people to a choice – should you get behind the wheel after a few drinks? This month’s tip, titled Impaired Driving, reminds you of the very real consequences of saying yes to that choice.

ROADSENSE TIPS - The Two Second Rule

ICBC LogoDo you know about the 2 Second Rule? It could save you from a serious rear-end crash. Driver Examiner Dino Bassanese explains the rule and how to follow it.

ROADSENSE TIPS - Roundabouts

ICBC LogoEver wondered how to use a roundabout safely? With more and more of these traffic facilitating intersections being built in British Columbia it is likely that you will be using one in the near future if you aren't already. Knowing what is expected of you before you arrive at a roundabout is the surest way of navigating one safely!

ROADSENSE TIPS - Driving in Bad Weather

ICBC LogoWinter weather means challenging conditions for drivers - snow, ice, rain and darkness. With hazards like these, even driving the speed limit can be too fast. This month's tip explains how driving too fast for road conditions can have devastating results.

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