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ROADSENSE TIPS - Roundabouts

ICBC LogoEver wondered how to use a roundabout safely? With more and more of these traffic facilitating intersections being built in British Columbia it is likely that you will be using one in the near future if you aren't already. Knowing what is expected of you before you arrive at a roundabout is the surest way of navigating one safely!

ROADSENSE TIPS - Driving in Bad Weather

ICBC LogoWinter weather means challenging conditions for drivers - snow, ice, rain and darkness. With hazards like these, even driving the speed limit can be too fast. This month's tip explains how driving too fast for road conditions can have devastating results.

ROADSENSE TIPS - Impaired Driving

ICBC LogoPlan ahead this holiday season! Parties and social gatherings are a big part of the festive season. It can lead people to a choice – should you get behind the wheel after a few drinks? This tip, titled Impaired Driving, reminds you of the very real consequences of saying yes to that choice.

ROADSENSE TIPS - Intersections

ICBC LogoDo you know how to get through intersections safely? Intersections are some of the most complicated -- and risky -- places you can drive. In this month's tip, Driver Licensing rep Roy Lawton explains important tips and techniques for getting safely through intersections. Learn how planning ahead and being aware of the other vehicles near by can help you be a smarter, safer driver.

ROADSENSE TIPS - Are You a High Risk Driver?

The scariest thing about high-risk drivers is the fact that they don't know they're high-risk drivers. In this tip Driver Licensing rep Damien Reed and road safety advocate Cara Filler show you why it's important to take an honest look at your driving habits.


Paralympic skier Brad Lennea describes how not wearing his seatbelt on a road trip changed his life forever, while Kristina Marrington of ICBC Driver Licensing explains exactly how seatbelts can reduce your chance of injuries in a crash.

ROADSENSE TIPS - It's Motorcycle Season

ICBC LogoThis month's tip will help riders and drivers both stay safe on the road. ICBC Driver Services rep Sabrina Ng and retired RCMP motorcycle trainer Don Miller offer solid advice on how motorcyclists and vehicle drivers can safely share the roadways.

ROADSENSE TIPS - Impaired Driving

ICBC LogoThis month's tip talks about the effects of drinking and driving. ICBC Customer Service Rep Donna Holmes and crash survivor and public speaker Kevin Brooks explain the consequences behind making the decision to have a few drinks and get behind the wheel.


ICBC LogoIn this month's tip driver examiner Diane Collinson outlines the dangers of tailgating. The amount of space needed when following cars, motorcycles or trucks is also explained.

ROADSENSE TIPS - One Way Streets

ICBC LogoThis month's tip, given by driver examiner Sheela Kirshnan, talks about one-way streets. Advice is given on which lane to turn into when entering a one-way street as well as the proper way to turn from a one-way onto a two-way street and much more.

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