Information concerning the use of recreation vehicles and equipment.

NEWS - RV Trailers Get Longer

New BC LogoAccording to Compliance Circular 01-22 RV Trailers with 5th wheel hitch, with a GVW under 10,000 kg, may operate without permits at legal weight, up to an overall trailer length of 14.65 m not exceeding an overall combination length of 19.0 m.

Operating RVs with Propane On

Propane CylinderIs there a law in BC about leaving the propane appliances in my RV running while I am driving? I already know that I have to turn the propane off when I get on BC Ferries but I want to be sure that I can use it otherwise.

Q&A - Camper Tie Downs

Q&A ImageQ: Are there any specific regulations for truck camper tie-downs in BC? I’m particularly interested in stake pocket tie downs, are they legal? I have a 900 pound camper.

Q&A - Do We Have to Use Seatbelts in a Motorhome?

Q&A ImageHow many people can legally sit in a moving motorhome? Does each occupant need a seatbelt?

Q&A - How Heavy Can My Camper Be?

Truck and CamperI'm heading to Dawson City with a 2010 ford f150 with a 6 foot box i need to know what weight of truck camper i can haul legally though BC, thank you

Q&A - Do Motorhomes Need Winter Tires?

Q&A ImageWe are driving our 30ft class C motorhome with a 5x10 cargo trailer attached at the end of November from Edmonton to Vancouver. Do we require chains or winter tires? We currently have all season tires on the rv.

The Importance of a Trailer Pre-Trip Inspection

Boat TrailerOne of the more eye-opening exercises that I used to conduct at this time of the year was to park my police vehicle at the brake check and wave in vehicles pulling boat trailers for a mechanical inspection. I had learned that boat trailers were often the most poorly maintained of all recreational trailers and there were often serious safety defects to be found. A simple pre-trip inspection by the driver would have found them easily and made sure that the trip would be a safe one.

Q&A - Carseat in RV or Motorhome

Q&A ImageWe are going on a drive through Canada and the US in a large motorhome that only has shoulder strap seatbelts for the driver and co-pilot. All other seatbelts are lap-belts only. My 7-year-old son requires a booster seat when we are in the car, but what do we do in the RV? Front seat? Back seat with booster? Back seat without booster?

Q&A - Buying the Right Truck to Pull my Trailer

Q&A ImageI want to buy an Eco boost F150 rated to haul 11,300 lbs and I have a 33' tow behind camper with electric brackets fully loaded at 7600lbs can I haul it through BC? I'm having a hard time doing the calculations on your website.

How Heavy is Your Camper?

Truck and CamperOne of my friends stopped to visit last weekend and showed me his truck and camper. You should write about this because people need to know how to be safe he said. He had switched from a one ton truck with single rear tires to one with dual rear tires. It made a big difference in stability and gave him a larger margin between the actual weight and the maximum weight allowed for the vehicle.

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