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Information regarding traffic signs and signals.

A Yellow Traffic Light Means Stop

Yellow Traffic LightBelieve it or not, in British Columbia a yellow traffic light tells you that you must stop before you enter the intersection! Yes, I know that there is one caveat to that statement, and it is "unless the stop cannot be made in safety." The onus is on the driver that does not stop for the yellow light to show that it was unsafe if they are involved in court proceedings because of their decision.

Inoperative Traffic Signals

Traffic LightWith all the power outages in the past few weeks there have been a lot of intersections where traffic lights are out. Would you please remind everyone of the 4-way stop procedure that it seems most have forgotten or never learned.

CASE LAW - Stevens v Sleeman

BC Courts Coat of ArmsThe case of Stevens v Sleeman arises from a fatal collision at the intersection of Lougheed Highway and Nelson Street in Mission. At 5:10 am on October 10, 2016 the traffic lights at the intersection lost power and ceased to function. By 3:08 pm power had not been restored and a collision occurred that claimed the life of Barbara McNally.

Motorcycles and HOV Lane Confusion

Bus Lane Only SignRoad signs are something that we see every time we drive. Inside cities, there are often many signs that compete for our attention and it is important to know what they mean and how to recognize them at a glance. Not being able to do this caused a motorcycle rider some concern.

VIDEO - Can Traffic Lights Learn to be Smart?

VideoBaher Abdulhai is a professor at the University of Toronto and the director if the Toronto Intelligent Transportation Systems Centre and Testbed. One aspect of his work is artificial intelligence (AI) based street and freeway traffic control, traveler information systems, and emergency evacuation optimization.

VIDEO - Road Guy Rob on Traffic Light Orientation

VideoRoad Guy Rob is a civil engineer who delights in explaining traffic engineering to the public. In this episode Rob explains a bit about why these lights are placed where they are due to the horizontal and vertical angles that a driver sees.

What is a Traffic Control Device?

Traffic ConesAmid the chaos of a collision scene came a call over my police radio: "Grab that vehicle, it just drove around the cones and into oncoming traffic!" Not only did the emergency workers have to deal with a two vehicle collision in an intersection full of emergency vehicles, they also had to contend with drivers who were going through no matter what.

The Invisible Pedestrian

Walk SignalOn a morning walk I found myself facing a young woman across a busy intersection while we waited for the traffic signal to change. She was facing me but keeping an eye on the van waiting beside her at the red light signalling a right turn. As I watched the situation unfold I was impressed with this woman's street smarts.

Red Means Stop, But Not Always Stay

Red Traffic SignalHere's an interesting question from the DriveSmartBC inbox: There is a mid-block pedestrian controlled traffic light in our neighborhood and drivers frequently proceed through it after stopping if no one is in the crosswalk. Is this legal?

Q&A - Bicycles & Lane Use Signs

Q&A ImageEastbound on Point Grey at Alma there are two bike lanes on the north side of the street that are allowed to cross Alma without stopping. Cars eastbound on Point Grey must turn either right or left, and there is a curb/diverter on the far side to prevent them going straight through. Cars northbound on Alma face a stop sign, and one option is to turn right through the diverter.

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