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Information regarding traffic signs and signals.

Q&A - Who Has The Right of Way?

Q&A ImageYou are traveling on Cliffe Avenue and going to turn right at 5th Street in Courtenay with the green turning arrow lit.  If there is a car turning left onto 5th Street (which you can only do at certain times of the day) who has the right of way - the person turning right with the green signal light or the person turning left but also with a green light?

Q&A - We Need More Marked Crosswalks

Pedestrian Crossing SignLast week on my daily walk, my friend and I were crossing the old Island Highway at the bottom of Bay Street. It looked like we had a lot of time but oddly a younger aggressive driver actually sped up as we were crossing. It was no where a near miss (or hit depending on perspective) but it made me question that there is no crosswalk for close to a kilometer.

Q&A - Chain Requirements

Q&A ImageHave all wheel drive and four wheel drive pickup new f150. Mud and snow rated tires. Does this truck require chains on all wheels when chain up signs are on. Truck can be switched from two wheel drive to these options. Are chains just needed for the rears?

Q&A - Yellow Traffic Light Timing

Q&A ImageI need to know how long does a yellow light at an intersection have to stay yellow for? I realize that the posted speed has to be taken into account and if there are advanced flashing amber lights.

I was traveling down Dewdney Trunk Road and was going just under the posted 50 km/h limit. As I approached the intersection at 50 feet away the light went yellow.

Q&A - Distance Between Residential Speed Signs

Q&A ImageCan you please tell me if there is a standard or exact distance that residential speed limit signs should have between them? or how many per block there should be? Anything related to these sort of questions

A Green Light Doesn't Always Mean Go

Green LightThe next time you are at the front of the lineup waiting for the signal to turn green, watch the driver beside you. Many times when the traffic signal turns green they will immediately proceed without looking to the left or right for hazards or traffic already lawfully in the intersection. A green light doesn't always mean go.

CASE LAW - R v Shymanski

BC Courts Coat of ArmsMr. Victor Shymanski was charged with disobeying a traffic control device after he drove his commercial vehicle past a regulatory sign requiring him to stop and check his brakes. He was convicted at trial. Subsequent to that he applied for Charter relief, claiming that his rights under section 7 had been violated because a ticket for a violation of the Traffic Control Device Regulation under section 125 of the Motor Vehicle Act is vague and unenforceable. This case is the resolution of the requested relief.

Bicycle Lanes, Signs and Markings

Bike Route SignA reader from Vancouver asked me where the rules came from for bicycle lanes and signs as they could not be found in the provincial driving manual, Learn to Drive Smart. Included in the e-mail was a link to the City of Vancouver's web site which showed a collection of signs and markings that are now in use on the city streets there. I didn't think that this was going to be a tough question!

Q&A - Right of Way at Signalized Intersection

Q&A ImageA car enters a 6-lane deep intersection on a green light with intentions to go straight through but the car in front of him stops mid-intersection and turns on it's left turn signal, causing the car behind to stop and wait. The light turns yellow and then red before the vehicle turning left is able to proceed. The car behind now must exit the intersection but the perpendicular lanes of traffic now have a green light.

Q&A - Stop Signs and Traffic Lights, Which to Obey?

Q&A ImageThere is a pedestrian controlled crosswalk at Vivian Street crossing 49th Avenue in Vancouver. For vehicle traffic trying to cross or turn there, there is a stop sign. Do I still have to obey the stop sign if I see that a pedestrian has turn the light red (i.e. all traffic on 49th is stopped)? Can I just go straight through?

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