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Information regarding traffic signs and signals.

Q&A - Using the Pedestrian Light to Proceed

Q&A ImageMy car was recently hit in an intersection, crossing it from east to west. I was crossing with the pedestrian light facing me (there is no traffic light facing me). The other driver, travelling from north to south ran the red light she had and hit me in the intersection.

Q&A - Minimum Speed Sign Spacing

Q&A ImageAre there regulations in BC’s motor vehicle laws that say how far apart speed limit signs have to be in order to properly inform the public as to what the speed limit is?

I have found a reference to this in Ontario by searching the internet, but not for BC so far.

A Yellow Traffic Light Means Stop

Yellow Traffic LightBelieve it or not, in British Columbia a yellow traffic light tells you that you must stop before you enter the intersection! Yes, I know that there is one caveat to that statement, and it is "unless the stop cannot be made in safety." The onus is on the driver that does not stop for the yellow light to show that it was unsafe if they are involved in court proceedings because of their decision.

"Fail to obey traffic sign" Dispute Options

Q&A ImageI recently recieved ticket claiming a failure to obey traffic sign. No accident resulted, and this is my first ticket.

On the face of the ticket, the officer stated Sec. 161 of the MVA, but did not specify 161a/161b/161c or 161d.

Q&A - Flashing Yellow and Green Traffic Lights

Q&A ImageI'm a visitor from Virginia, and have been driving in the Vancouver area for a few times in the past. I have read the DriveSmartBC website information on flashing traffic lights but I still need some assistance: what is / are the difference(s) between a flashing yellow light and a flashing green light?

Q&A - Who is responsible for road markings?

Q&A ImageIs this a municipal or provincial responsibility? I see countless examples each year where there are many ways (or in cases, no reasonable way) to take the markings on the road, especially at <50 kph. If a person has these problems in understanding the intent and the expected behaviour, who should queries be directed to? Please advise? Thanks!

Q&A - Pedestrian Controlled Crosswalks

Q&A ImageI'm confused, please clarify BC road rules. At a pedestrian controlled crosswalk, after the pedestrian has cleared the crosswalk, though while the light is still solid red... Can the driver then proceed?

And also, if the pedestrian controlled crosswalk was red, can the car stopped at the stop signs (of the joining road) enter... And wait in front of the cross walk, or drive on thru?

Q&A - Mixed Pedestrian Controls at Intersections

Pedestrian CrossingI'm wondering what the law in BC is for pedestrians on the axis of an intersection that has no pedestrian control lights. An example in Vancouver would be Main Street at 10th Avenue. There are vehicle control lights on the North-South axis and pedestrian control lights on the East-West axis, but not on the North-South axis.

Q&A - Cross Walk Signage

Q&A ImageAt the corner of Johnson Road and Russell Avenue there is a regular crosswalk sign that has been in place for many years. Two years ago, White Rock installed traffic lights along with pedestrian "Walk - Don't Walk" electric signs; but has not taken down the old crosswalk signs.

Q&A - Traffic Sign Changes & the NEW Tab

Q&A ImageI was wondering when they put up new speed limit signs up, do they need to put the bright visible sign saying "new" under the new speed limit posting ?

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