Traffic Tickets

Information related to traffic tickets and traffic court.

Violation Ticket Center

Violation Ticket

Something new has quietly crept into place in the court system of British Columbia. The Violation Ticket Center opened in May of this year in the Robson Square Courthouse in Vancouver and services the entire province. The Center's only business is to act as a centralized administrative service to support the processing of Provincial Violation Tickets.

Ticket Fallacies

Violation TicketI refused to sign the ticket that I got for speeding last week. Does that mean this ticket is invalid and I don't have to pay it?

Disputing the Penalty

Ticket WriterI don't like that cop's attitude. I'm going to dispute this ticket! It might seem to be the right thing to do, but when you arrive in traffic court, you will find that the justice isn't interested in hearing about it.

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