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Information related to traffic tickets and traffic court.

Sending Your Agent to Traffic Court

Violation Ticket TopYou’ve waited for your day in traffic court and it’s finally drawing near. The trouble is, something unforeseen has occurred and you can’t be there in person. What to do now? Send an agent of course.

Dispute a Traffic Ticket Penalty Without Attending Court

Violation Ticket TopAre you guilty of the offence shown on the violation ticket but unable to pay the ticketed amount? In many cases you can have the fine reviewed and set to a penalty more appropriate for your circumstances without having to set foot in traffic court. When the penalty cannot be reduced or you need both a reduction and time to pay, that can be accomplished as well. All you need to do is to complete and submit two forms for the judicial justice to review.

Q&A - Late Dispute Not Allowed

Q&A ImageI was pulled up into a turn lane at a traffic light with one car in front of me. The light turned green but he did not move. I put my truck into park and got out see what the matter. He was texting.

We had an argument and I knocked his mirror off accidently by swinging my hand to motion him to go.

Penalty Points and How They Affect You

Ticket WriterI’ve always understood penalty points to be a kind of score keeping method to assign a level of risk to the breach of a traffic rule. The more dangerous the violation, the more penalty points that would be assigned to a driving conviction. Rack up too many points in a set period of time and you would have to pay ICBC premiums and risk a driving prohibition from RoadSafetyBC. Regardless of the fact that penalty points have been a part of driving in BC for many years, they are generally poorly understood.

A Few Thoughts on Traffic Tickets

Violation Ticket TopArrest someone, fight with them, throw them in jail and see them through to penalty in criminal court seems to be business as usual for the police, but write someone a traffic ticket and it's like you've called their mother a bad name. Very few drivers hang their heads, apologize for their mistake and said hand over my ticket, I'll do better next time. Those people do exist and probably receive the benefit of a doubt more often but those that don't wind up asking me for dispute advice.

Q&A - Helping Out in Court

Q&A ImageI am representing my tenant in court as his English fluency is somewhat weak. As 2 officers stopped him, I was wondering if I were to call evidence from the officer who does not show up (assuming only 1 officer comes to court) would the Justice throw the case out since that would not be possible?

Q&A - Unpaid Traffic Tickets and Collection Agencies

Q&A ImageI received a call from a collection agency today Jan. 26/16 ARO Inc. involving an unpaid $138 speeding ticket dated Jan. 21, 2009. They had been sending correspondence to an address in Delta, BC since 2009. I have not had a drivers licence in BC or lived in BC since 1989. Now 7 years later they want me to pay the fine before Feb. 7/16 or risk having it effect my credit rating.

Nothing But a Tax Grab

Ticket Writer"This is nothing but a tax grab!" These words were often spoken by drivers during or just after signing to acknowledge the receipt of a violation ticket. I can understand being the target of an expression of frustration in these circumstances, but I wish that the expressing had a little thought behind it rather than just parroting something inappropriate to the circumstances.

Q&A - Disputing a Yellow Light Ticket

Q&A ImageI was recently issued a ticket for failure to stop at a yellow light at an intersection.

Q&A - Question of Two Driver's Licences

Q&A ImageI got a ticket for speeding on my Alberta license in Vancouver. I disputed that ticket and my court date is this week. Since then, I have gotten a BC license and no longer hold an Alberta license. I was wondering, since I no longer hold that license, how does this ticket affect me?

Will it appear on my driving record?

Will the demerits show up on my BC license as well?

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