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Information related to traffic tickets and traffic court.

Q&A - Definition of Obstructed Lane Needed.

Q&A ImageI received a traffic violation today under Section 158(1) of the Motor Vehicle Act.

158  (1) The driver of a vehicle must not cause or permit the vehicle to overtake and pass on the right of another vehicle, except

(a) when the vehicle overtaken is making a left turn or its driver has signalled his or her intention to make a left turn,

Q&A - Speeding Ticket on the Georgia Viaduct

Q&A ImageI got a speeding ticket today at Georgia Viaduct and here is what happened: I was driving down Georgia St (middle lane) heading east.  Knowing that Georgia Viaduct is a speed trap (I received a ticket at the same spot two years ago), I stayed behind a Grey Mazda 3 and made sure I was within the speed limit (around 50km/hr).

CASE LAW - R v Song

BC Courts Coat of ArmsMr. En Song received a traffic ticket for speeding in a school zone while traveling down a steep hill.  He had some difficulty communicating with the police officer due to language problems. He had asked what his speed was and the officer did not tell him. He paid the ticket in full within 30 days.

Q&A - Driving Without Reasonable Consideration Ticket

Q&A ImageI got a call from the RCMP the other day because someone accused me of driving bad. They phoned me 15 days AFTER the alleged incident and issued me a violation ticket for Driving w/o Consideration 144 (1)(b).

Q&A - Raising a Charter Issue in Traffic Court

Q&A ImageI have done fairly extensive on-line research on disputing tickets and, in particular, requesting a stay based on the Charter argument related to delay (seeing as we are in the 18 month range from date of offense to first appearance) and I have found a lot of interesting material related to how to do this (Charter argument) in other jurisdictions (like Ontario), such as the kinds of forms you need to file, the style of cause et

Q&A - Can't Reduce Speeding Fines

Q&A ImageI found that you posted that "the MVA requires that the JP impose the fine legislated for the speed being travelled. If they find between 20 and 40 over, for instance, they must impose the $196 fine and cannot reduce it." I cannot find where in the MVA legislation it states this.

Fail to Remain at a Single Vehicle Crash

crash cartoonLast year I was involved in a single vehicle accident. I swerved to miss a raccoon (is what i think it was, anyways) and hit a curbed meridian. No injuries, noone else involved. I bent a rim on the car though and it looked like the tire was losing pressure bigtime, so I parked the car and went home to get a car dolley to tow it home and save on some ridiculous tow bill.

Your Worship, the Officer was a Jerk!

GavelYou've just received a traffic ticket and that fact hasn't shed any sunshine on your day. It's bad enough that this has happened, but from your point of view the officer was less than gracious when they issued it to you. I'll dispute the ticket and tell the court exactly what I think may cross your mind as you consider your situation. Surely the justice will see my point and give me a break!

What Should I Ask For In My Request For Disclosure?

Q&A ImageIs there a particular form required for a request for disclosure in a traffic matter?  If not is there a particular format that must be used?

Q&A - Red Light Camera Served to Dealership

Q&A ImageI work at a used car dealership (not the owner) doing administration. One of the dealership vehicles was on a test drive (with D plate in a bag with a plate bag pouch) and the test driver drove through a red light up the street and the red light camera took a picture. Someone from court sevices just came by and served the car dealership with a ticket as the demonstration plate belongs to the dealership.

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