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Information related to traffic tickets and traffic court.

Dispute 148.1 (excessive speed) and reduce it to 146.3(speeding on highway)?

Q&A ImageWest Vancouver, Highway 1, going East. Speed limit is 90. Snowboarders in a van with WA plates zip ahead pushing 140 going back home. Following the van I catch myself going pretty fast and slow down. A couple of seconds after that I see a patrol car with lights on in hot pursuit behind me. I though he was after the WA van, but he pulled me over instead... I had my wife, a baby and mother-in-law in the car.

Q&A - How long do speeding demerit points stay on drivers record

Q&A ImageHow long after conviction do speeding demerit points stay on driver's record?

Q&A - Limitation of Action

Q&A ImageI was involved in a traffic accident 2 nights ago in Vancouver.  I hit another vehicle at an intersection and called the police.  I could not remember the details of the accident but I told the police that I was not sure what colour the light was and admitted responsibility that I hit the other car.  The police took down all the information, asked me to report to ICBC but did not give me a ticket and did not say th

Q&A - My Witness in Traffic Court

Q&A ImageI do have a couple more questions related to court:

1)I will be bringing a witness who was in the vehicle at the time.  Do I need to inform the court ahead of time of this?  Or is it something I would do when the case starts?

2)I assume the witness would testify after the Officer but before myself?  Is that right?

RESOURCE - Designing a Driver Penalty Point System

Question MarkHave you ever wondered how our penalty point system came to be? This document from the European community examines the penalty point system in European countries and recommends best practices to implement an effective system. Only 36 pages in length, it examines a significant number of aspects including what type of offences to include, should there be a separate system for novice or professional drivers and whether the owner of a vehicle should receive penalty points if they were not driving.

Q&A - Trial Adjourned by Crown

Q&A ImageI was ticketed for speeding and contested the ticket.  I recieved my trial date notice and wasn't able to make that date.  I then applied to change the date and was approved.  After that, the ticketing officer called (my wife answered) and wanted to change the new date.  He said he would call back as he needed to speak with me, but I never heard from him.  

"Fail to obey traffic sign" Dispute Options

Q&A ImageI recently recieved ticket claiming a failure to obey traffic sign. No accident resulted, and this is my first ticket.

On the face of the ticket, the officer stated Sec. 161 of the MVA, but did not specify 161a/161b/161c or 161d.

Q&A - Disputing Speeding in a Playground Zone Ticket

Q&A ImageI received a Violation Ticket (Speed in Playground Zone) about a year ago and will be disputing it at some point... (I still have not received my court date)

Q&A - Told to dispute ticket by cop??

Q&A ImageI just moved here from Manitoba and have already got my first BC speeding ticket! I was on my motorcycle on the Trans Canada in the construction zones. I was riding behind another motorbike at about 7 car lengths behind him when we passed the cop.

Q&A - Disputing my failing to stop ticket

Q&A ImageI approached a 4 way stop, and I know without a shadow of a doubt that I stopped. I waited & proceeded straight through the intersection as there were no cars approaching the intersection from any direction.  This happened about 10 pm at night, at an intersection about 3 blocks from my home, so it is an intersection I am very familiar with.

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