Unsafe Driving Practices

Information related to unsafe driving practices.

Texting and Driving

Texting on a phoneI listened to an interesting interview on CBC Radio this morning. A young woman from Edmonton was being interviewed about texting on her cell phone at the same time that she was driving her car. To add to the distraction, she would also smoke and eat while she was texting.

Forced Tailgating

Cut OffI hope that most drivers subscribe to the Two Second Rule under good driving conditions and increase the following distance when the situation is not ideal. It certainly makes sense to leave sufficient room between your vehicle and the one you are following to create a safety margin. Why then do some drivers make lane changes that force the driver behind them into being a tailgater?

Driving With Vision Obstructed

Frosty Car WindshieldI carry a Handicap parking permit. When I was first issued this permit an outline of my responsibilities said that I was to remove it from the rear view mirror while driving "as it is against the law to drive with the Permit hanging (Obstructed vision)." I see often see permit holders driving with their permits hanging from the rear view mirror, so this rule is obviously not being enforced. A mention in your column may help remind drivers of their legal responsibility in this regard.

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