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VIDEO - The Cell

video iconAustralia's Transport Accident Commission in Victoria state has published The Cell, an anti-drugged driving video that is part of a TV advertising campaign there. In their typically hard hitting style the video shows a young male driver taking drugs at a party and the consequences of that choice on the drive home afterward.

VIDEO - Unlocking the Mystery of Anti Lock Brakes

video iconThis video from the AAA Traffic Safety Foundation runs for 15:41 and uses humour to explain how your vehicle's anti lock brakes work and how you should use them.

VIDEO - Texting While Driving

video icon"This powerful video being used as part of a new campaign at high schools in the United Kingdom to raise awareness of the dangers of texting while driving. With the help of actors and special effects, the video graphically shows the crash and aftermath of what could happen when a driver is distracted."

VIDEO - The Distracted Mind

video iconThis short cartoon from Toyota and TED explains why distracted driving is a bad idea. Our brains really do not multitask, they focus on single tasks and when we try to do more than one thing at a time, break these multiple tasks into single tasks totally focused on for short periods of time.

VIDEO - Driving in Bad Weather

video iconFog, rain, snow and ice, all less than ideal driving conditions that all drivers must take into account and adjust their driving behaviour for. This video from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety is a bit dated, but none the less contains valuable instruction for dealing with bad weather. When you can't make the decision to just stay home, following safe driving practices, not driving as if it were a dry, sunny day may get you there by minimizing your risk.

VIDEOS - AARP Driver Safety on Vehicle Safety Technologies

video iconThe American Association of Retired Persons Driver Safety has teamed up with The Hartford and the MIT AgeLab to create a collection of ten short videos to explain safety technologies that are starting to appear in new vehicles. If you are shopping for a new vehicle the videos may make it easier for you to decide what you need to buy as an option or what you need to do more in depth research on before you commit to purchase.

VIDEO - How to Steer a Car

video iconAlthough this instruction takes place in a right hand drive vehicle, the principles are exactly the same for left hand drive. Three methods or steering are shown: push-pull steering for general driving, hand over hand for slow speed maneuvering and fixed input for small changes in direction.

VIDEO - Booze Busted 2013

video iconOur friends in Australia are taking on impaired driving with this tongue in cheek video. Done with a game show theme, it explains all the things that a drinking driver may "win." They are not afraid to state that if you chose to drink and drive, you are a bloody idiot! You will see that BC is not the only jurisdiction that deals harshly with impaired drivers.

VIDEO - Motorcycle ABS Demonstration

video iconIt will only take 14 seconds to watch this split screen video demonstration of ABS braking by two motorcycles on wet pavement. Chances are good that those 14 seconds will convince you that ABS is a must have on your next motorcycle if you don't have it already.

VIDEO - Managing Space and Time for Safe Driving

video iconBeing able to manage the space around your vehicle while driving is critical to your safety. This video from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety teaches you what driving space is, how to manage it and how to allow for others. Making this second nature when driving will help you avoid causing or becoming part of a collision.

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