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VIEWPOINT - Ask the accident-and-ticket-free drivers for driving tips

SoapboxBeing a BC driver for 50 years and never had a ticket nor caused an accident, why doesn't the Motor Safety Branch ask me about my driving techniques and attitudes?

I bet there are others in my category that could help other drivers be better drivers.

Better hurry, though, I'm getting in the "Senior" category, too!

Bring Back Automated Speed Enforcement

SoapboxAccording to B.C.'s new 10 Year Transportation Plan, safety on British Columbia’s highways and side roads is the ministry’s number-one priority. Four pages of the 56 page report are dedicated to the topic. Aside from physical infrastructure improvements and singling out left lane hogs for special attention, only the slow down move over law is mentioned. My wish is that the province would bring back automated speed enforcement.

VIEWPOINT - From the Other Side

SoapboxI am about to start driving again and I thought it would be a good idea to keep myself up to date with current events and the rules of the road. I shamefully regret to tell you that two years ago I got a ticket for dui.  Thankfully, i didnt hurt anyone and i wasnt in an accident however, that doesnt excuse the fact that I dis it and had I was gicen a great big fimne, car was impounded, and of course licence was taken away.

Do We Trust Too Much?

SoapboxI was walking to my vehicle after work yesterday and watched the woman on the sidewalk ahead of me approach the intersection. She did not hesitate to step into the crosswalk even though a vehicle on her left had stopped halfway across it waiting to enter traffic. The driver was watching intently to her left waiting for a gap in traffic. The pedestrian checked her stride and I thought that she was going to wait for the driver to notice her before she crossed in front of the vehicle.

VIEWPOINT - Saw a preventable crash today

SoapboxWell, most crashes are preventable, even mechanical failure to some degree.

This rainy morning, as I was descending down a 10% grade coming up on an intersection, I observed two cars: grey Pontiac G5 being followed at about 3 feet distance by a large black Dodge Ram 1500.

Both vehicles were in the middle lane of a 3 lane street, where traffic 'typically' travels around 60km/h.

VIEWPOINT - Age & Eyesight

GlassesToday's Vancouver Sun newspaper excitedly proclaimed on the front page that 'Failing eyesight (is) a driving issue for aging motorists', citing information from the CAA's website.

OPINION - Traffic Calming

SoapboxTraffic Calming in my opinion is a good idea on paper but mostly ineffective in reality. Many municipalities are starting Traffic Calming measures however few are successful in achieving what is effective.

VIEWPOINT - Problems with Headlights

SoapboxHave car headlights, beams, power, brightness gotten out of control in terms of what is allowed legally on the road, if there ever were any rules?

Are truck drivers and other cars, like SUV’s that sit high off the road aware of the power of their headlight on smaller cars due to the height of the car beams?

VIEWPOINT - My Day in Traffic Court

SoapboxI've recently attended a dispute hearing for a speeding in a municipality charge (146(1))

VIEWPOINT - Benefits of lane filtering

motorcycleMy Definition of Lane filtering:  When a motorcycle moves through traffic in between stationary vehicles.

Being a Driver in England I am very familiar with filtering through stopped traffic, as as Car driver I would allow space for motorcycles to pass. As a Motorcycle Driver I would drive very slowly between the vehicles (under 10kph) 

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