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VIEWPOINT - No more traffic court?

SoapboxNew Bill 52, to amend traffic court, is this proposed change scaring the crap out of anyone else? It looks the BC Government is further eroding any illusion that drivers of this province have any rights at all.

A new tribunal for traffic ticket disputes? Will it be as one sided and biased and unfair as the ones set up for the new drinking and driving legislation? Or will it be worse?

Specifically 285 and 294:

VIEWPOINT - Making Our Streets Safer at Low Cost

SoapboxFirst and foremost, I am a cyclist of 50+ years, and a driver for the past 38 years. With well over a million kilometres driven, I have had significant experience and try very hard to do what the motor vehicle act, common sense, and reduced risk of injury dictate. I regularly review "Bike Sense" and ICBC's publications. In my opinion, our roadways are becoming less safe for both motorist and cyclists.

Justifying Our Misbehaviour

SoapboxTonight's six o'clock news contained a story about how police had issued over 5,500 tickets for using electronic devices while driving offences across the province in February 2013. More than 100 more were ticketed for driving without due care and attention. It means to me that lots of drivers aren't obeying the law and more than 100 were caught doing something dangerous because of it.

VIEWPOINT - Flashing Headlights to Warn of Police

SoapboxIt has always struck me that warning of a speed trap is a violation no different to being an accessory to a crime by warning the bank robber that the police are coming. Certainly very difficult to enforce.

And to take it a step further, what about radio stations that warn drivers over the air of speed enforcement areas. Could they increase the scope of what they perceive as public service to include DUI stop checks?

OPINION - Raising the Level of Consequences

Paul Hergott Law logoTaking away someone's privilege to drive is viewed as a drastic step in correcting driving behaviour. Currently, a fully licensed driver has to accumulate a significant number of points in a year before the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles takes steps to apply this penalty. In my experience, the traffic courts are also reluctant to take this step, saying "I'll leave that up to the Superintendent." when the officer prosecuting requests a prohibition as part of the penalty.

Those That Can't, Those That Don't and Those That Don't Care

SoapboxFor the sake of making my point, I'm going to divide traffic rule violators into three categories; those that don't know the rules, those that make honest mistakes and those who are selfish and don't think about what their actions might result in. I know that I try my best not to be in the first category and despite my best efforts am occasionally part of the second category. Hopefully I am never in the last category.

VIEWPOINT - The Cost of Following the Speed Limit

SoapboxI am 79 years old and I consider myself a very safe driver. I have driven hundreds of thousand of miles, from city bus in Edmonton, to semi trailer from Edmonton to Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Fort Mac. and Yellow Knife, and thousands of miles by private auto. I have never been the cause of an accident, and I have only gotten one (1) speeding ticket. That was not entirely my fault.

VIEWPOINT - The Circle Check

SoapboxI would like to share this story with you about what happened to me last weekend.

VIEWPOINT - Maintain Your Proper Lane Position!

SoapboxI'm not sure if you have covered this in previous columns but two of my biggest peeves is people that can't maintain proper lane positioning and people that shave corners. This is extremely dangerous if the offending driver is coming into your lane and a friggin' nuisance when following behind someone that 'gets into the gravel" and spits it up. What happened to the drivers courtesy today?

VIEWPOINT - Lies, Damned Lies & Statistics

SoapboxI was just reading the account of the head on that happened on Shannon Lake Road. I certainly have sympathy for the people involved, but I noticed that one person received a charge of "Speeding Relative to Conditions."

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