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VIEWPOINT - Failed my Road Test

SoapboxI am over 82 and have failed my first road test . However I hope with refresher lessons at driving school to do better next time.

VIEWPOINT - Daytime Running Lights

SoapboxDaytime running lights have been mandatory for vehicles in Canada since 1990. It appears many drivers and vehicle dealers are not aware of this requirement. Having driven thousands of kilometers over the last 40 years I know that DRL can help prevent accidents particularly on poor light and rainy conditions.

VIEWPOINT - Enforcement Should Target High Crash Locations

SoapboxJust perused an interesting map, it shows the location of crashes in our area. We have a difference of opinion as to the RCMP and their use of speed traps and were both entitled to this and I always respect others opinions.

VIEWPOINT - Targetting Little Old Ladies Going to Church

SoapboxAfter just coming back from a trip I thought I would see what you have to say about an issue that has been bugging me for some time. One can not drive very far without encountering one of what I call the crazies. The driver who drives like a fool, way too fast for either weather or road conditions, passing when its not safe, Etc. Etc.,and generally putting everyone in his or her path at risk.

VIEWPOINT - Recall Testing

SoapboxThe following post is not intended for aging drivers only. I posted it here as I wasn't sure where to put it.

In order to obtain a drivers license an individual must demonstrate knowledge of traffic laws/rules and proficiency in operating a motor vehicle.

VIEWPOINT - Cyclist / Motorist / Pedestrian Interaction

CyclistI live on the Island Highway close to the downtown area of Campbell River. Over the past decade both as a pedestrian and as a motorist I have nearly been hit by cyclists numerous times as they careen down the sidewalk trying to see how much air they can catch jumping the driveway cuts. Very often they are going faster than the cars on the road.

VIEWPOINT - Rights of Pedestrians


ICBC is encouraging people to give the wave. I believe that there is another far more important topic that needs to be addressed to the public "Rights of Pedestrians crossing at unmarked intersections".

VIEWPOINT - IRP in the News, How Accurate are the Stories?

SoapboxJournalism or sensationalism? Are we interested in the facts or writing a story that grabs a reader emotionally and pulls the reader into forming an opinion based on emotion? Unfortunately, I think that this story by Mr.

VIEWPOINT - Don't Wave, Drive!

SoapboxSome of the most dangerous drivers on the road recently are those that are trying to be polite by waving a second driver to go when that second driver doesn't have the right of way. Drivers should just drive to the rules of the road, its safer and keeps the traffic moving in an orderly fashion.

Have You Been Directly Affected by a Collision Lately?

Dollar SignI often ask if anyone has been directly affected by a collision in the past year when I am making a presentation to a group. I can see people thinking about it and then a few hands may tentatively rise. My answer usually surprises them and it may surprise you as well.

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