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VIEWPOINT - Traffic Cops are Not Benefactors

SoapboxI would be interested in your comments about the excellent contributed article on Castanet yesterday with respect to the devious and underhanded methods that the RCMP employ in ferreting out individuals for traffic violations.

VIEWPOINT - Mandatory Parking Lots for Bars

MegaphoneThoughts that make you go "hmmm..." This article by Eric de Place looks at civic government and the laws for the provision of parking at businesses. Why do they mandate parking at drinking establishments? Perhaps parking should be forbidden there, after all, we don't want people to drink and drive!

VIEWPOINT - 24 Hour Suspension Unfair to the Novice Driver

SoapboxIn the section 215 of the MVA, there is a “way out” for the driver being served the 24 hour suspension. The section 215(6) reads as follows:

VIEWPOINT - Wasting my Time

SoapboxThis AM I submitted a drivers complaint to the local RCMP with a statement and diagrams showing where the incident took place. Well, they called me back telling me they had contacted the driver re the complaint and decided to give her a warning as she did have a clean driving record, and the constable said she apologized.

My thought was she had a clean driving record, probably because she has not been caught.

Should Government Revise Our New Impaired Driving Program?

MegaphoneOur new impaired driving penalties appear to be getting the word out: drinking and driving is not acceptable here in B.C. If you do and are caught, it will be a long road to travel in order to restore your driving privileges. So be it, you knew that there could be consequences when you turned the key.

VIEWPOINT - Traffic Policing Priorities in Port Alice

SoapboxThe disposal of beer cans and bottles out of vehicle windows along the twenty mile stretch of road between the main highway cut off and the Port Alice mill is not only a sad commentary about the local transient population, but it also means that an immense amount of drinking and driving has been going on. This has been occurring for many years with no attempt at correction.

Should I Have Driven to Work Today?

Car in SnowFor twenty five years I was expected to arrive at work regardless of the road conditions. After all, as a constable I was one of the people expected to be ready to help out if something happened on the highway. Like me, I am guessing that most of us feel obligated to arrive at our jobs ready to work even if the road conditions are terrible due to bad weather.

VIEWPOINT - Tax Grab / Cash Cow

SoapboxI came across this video in an e-mail I received a while back and figured that you might be interested. I think it should be shown here, on internet as well as on TV. For whatever reason it seems to me that most people still don't get it.  The new laws we have are not really a solution to the problem, more a tax grab and cash cow than anything else.

Government Review of New Impaired Driving Penalties

SoapboxEnforcement action against drivers having a blood alcohol content over 50 mg% (.05) began in 1977 here in British Columbia. In my view, it didn't become a marked deterrent until the recent significant penalty increases imposed by amendments to the Motor Vehicle Act. People are finally making the choice not to drink and drive in numbers that are easily visible.

Q&A - Are We Too Regulated?

Q&A ImageJust wondering if you read the article in the province where Tom Stamatakis, president of the BC police union gave his thoughts on the new impaired driving laws? Food for thought don't you think? I'm beginning to think we are becoming too regulated.

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