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VIEWPOINT - Police Should Fight Crime

SoapboxFirst off no disrespect to any police I have a problem when day in day out police are pulling people over for traffic violations and road blocks etc but there are so much crime going on in B.C city's and town's and not to mention police corruption and getting caught for what ever it might be petty or not but we as tax payers pay large amounts of money each year to keep us all safe and for the R.C.M.P up hold the law's but I have y

Operating a Dangerous Machine

Caution SignImagine if you will a machine that almost anyone can buy and operate. You read the training manual, practice it's use under the supervision of someone who is also a user and has some proficiency of it's operation. Finally, you take a test to see if you too have basic proficiency in it's operation. If you pass, the supervisor lets you use the machine with minimal oversight as you see fit.

Trade Your Ticket for Driver Training

Mortar Board"You don't care about safety! All you guys want to do is suck money out of my pocket!" Here was a speeder that was very definite in his opinion and not afraid to state it. He was wrong, I did care about safety, but my traffic cop toolbox didn't contain many officially sanctioned options for dealing with it.

VIEWPOINT - Hit Them Where it Hurts

MegaphoneI know enforcement people have become powerless in smartening up drivers, but something has gotta give. It seems a though everyone is driving on THEIR road, not OUR road. This mentality is shared by I'm guessing half of drivers these days, commercial and four wheelers a like. Driving defensively all day to save some of these people's lives is becoming a drag to say the least.

Traffic Safety Perspectives

Unsafe PracticesI am blessed with readers who send me e-mail to suggest topics, share a story or even a bit of humour. It's the humour that triggered this column, specifically a photo of people from a third world country packed into a vehicle in a manner that would be totally unacceptable today in British Columbia.

VIEWPOINT - Moving Toward a Culture of Safety

Texas Transportation Institute LogoI couldn't have said it better myself! This short article by Dr. Robert Quinn Bracket explains that the conventional wisdom of emergency medical measures, engineering and enforcement can only go so far in the reduction of crash related trauma. Until we all embrace a culture of traffic safety rather than one of acceptable risk, there will no longer be significant gains in harm reduction.

Professional Courtesy

"Professional Courtesy" is common to the medical profession where que jumping is effected for medical appointments, etc., for medical professionals. Please comment on an equivalent courtesy which may be offered by law enforcement agencies for non criminal offences such as speeding or minor traffic infractions of firemen, armed forces personnel and others.

What Would You Say?

Question MarkLast week I received an e-mail from a young lady who was a student at a university in eastern Canada. She was involved in a traffic safety program on the campus that aimed to make it more pedestrian and bicycle friendly. She said that they had posted a number of new signs and painted some crosswalks but the drivers largely ignored them and drove the way they always did, which wasn't courteous to other types of road users.

Business Vehicles

Commercial TruckAdvertising is a concern for all businesses. It is meant to draw attention to the business and encourage customers to visit and spend their money on the products and services offered. Many businesses take advantage of company vehicles to act as a moving billboard by placing graphics on the outside. What kind of advertising is your business vehicle doing?

Why Do We Have Traffic Rules?

Motor Vehicle ActI have just returned from a visit to Montreal, and driving behaviour that I saw there gave me a lot to think about. No one came to a full stop at a stop sign unless it was to avoid a collision with traffic already there. If you did stop and did not immediately proceed, the driver behind you honked the horn.

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