Information regarding wildlife on highways.

SURVEY - Preventing Collisions With Wildlife

Wildlifecollisions.ca logoThere is an opportunity for the public to provide comments about wildlife vehicle collision prevention directly to the Ministry of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations, and Rural Development (FLNRORD).

CASE LAW - Ziemer v Wheeler

BC Courts Coat of ArmsHarris Wheeler was driving northbound on Highway 97 south of Taylor, B.C. when his vehicle collided with a moose. Shortly afterward Aron Walter, driving southbound, struck that moose which was then laying on the highway. That collision caused his vehicle to cross over the center line where he struck a vehicle driven by Raymond Ziemer head on.

Collision With an Animal, What to do?

Deer Crossing SignWhat is the responsibility of a driver who hits an animal, let’s say a dog or a cat? If it is daylight, I could knock on a door to ask whom the animal belongs to, but what if it is late evening or after midnight? I can’t see myself picking up a bloodied animal and putting it in my car to take to the SPCA – assuming it is open. I don’t own a cell phone.

Deer Whistles - Keep Your Money in Your Pocket

Deer WhistlesYou may have seen them, a pair of small whistles that you attach to your vehicle to scare deer away and prevent collisions with them. The intent is for the movement of your vehicle to force air through them and produce sound, or ultrasound that keeps deer off the highway and safely out of your path.

Wildlife Collision Risks

Wildlife CollisionsNovember is just around the corner and along with the month of May it shares the distinction of being the most likely month for you to run into wildlife on BC's roads, literally. 80% of wildlife collisions in this province involve deer and occur between 7:00 pm and 11:00 pm.

READING - Wildlife Vehicle Collision Reduction Study

Wildlife Crossing Sign"America's highways allow people and products to travel to every corner of our nation. Along the way, these roads cut across the habitat of many native wildlife species. When these paths cross, collisions can occur, and in greater numbers than most people realize. Collisions present a real threat to human safety as well as wildlife survival.

Wildlife Collisions

Deer Crossing SignI'm not a hunter, but I have shot more deer than I ever wanted to during my career in traffic enforcement. These animals had been hit by a vehicle and were most often left at the roadside to die. When I was called it was usually by those that happened along afterward rather than the driver that hit them.

Wildlife Collisions

Deer Crossing Sign2002 collision statistics for British Columbia report 395 human injury and 5 human fatal collisions resulting from animal strikes on our highways. Over 8,000 collisions occur every year and ICBC pays out more than $20 million for the resulting insurance claims. The Ministry of Transportation pays out more than $600,000 in clean up costs.

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