VIDEO - Winter Driving Awareness

video iconThis is a video from the Montana Highway Patrol. While it's focus is on winter driving, you could remove the word "winter" from the title and still have a video that is on topic. The video was taken from the camera in a patrol car at the scene of a minor collision on an interstate highway. Watch as it quickly goes from a minor incident to a series of major collisions. It was always the stuff of nightmares for me when I worked on high speed highways because I knew that the drivers around me were not slowing down and could be well past the point of no return before they realized it.

While the video might have benefitted from a demonstration of what drivers faced approaching the scene and how to have properly reacted to the situation it does show quite clearly what happens when they do not. Don't follow their example.


Selfishly Ignorant comes to mind.

You would have liked having all of the drivers like me while you were at the side of the Hwy, I always slowed down & moved over well back and made sure if I had to come to a stop for any reason when getting close to and passing all emergency vehicles, I was paying attention and fully ready to stop. Once past the situation that I had no idea what was taking place is when I would speed back up to a safe driving speed. The time it takes to slow down and be safe & not further risk lives is amazingly short compared to the cosequences of not taking those few extra seconds, as this video clearly shows.  I wish all emergency vehicles were equipped with speed cameras and very large fines & points were given to the offenders that for totally selfish reasons, refuse to slow down.

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