READING - Best Practices for Truck Safety

TIRF New LogoTIRF is pleased to release the report Best Practices for Truck Safety. The report is an evidence-based research report developed by the Traffic Injury Research Foundation (TIRF) with the support of WorkSafeBC, the B.C. Trucking Association, and the Trucking Safety Council of B.C.

As part of this project, TIRF identified the magnitude and characteristics of truck crashes in B.C. and compared these to crashes in other jurisdictions.

Through this comparison, TIRF identified the unique high risk conditions and circumstances that lead to truck collisions in B.C.

In addition, TIRF also performed an international survey of truck programs and policies with the aim of identifying proven and promising initiatives that can guide best practices for future policy and program development.

The solutions derived from this project will benefit truckers, the trucking industry, and will also serve to improve public safety on B.C.’s highways.


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