Q&A - Distracted Driving for Tourists

Q&A ImageI was caught using a cell phone while driving and handed a ticket. Being a tourist from California I didn't know about the new no cell phone law. But the officer's reasoning was that it is also unlawful to use a cell phone in California and decided to write me a ticket.

My questions are:

  1. Is it possible to have the penalty reduced for this violation? (as it is mentioned in this forum that penalties cannot be reduced for some violations such as speeding)
  2. What are the chances to actually get the penalty reduced? I have come up with a few reasons (not knowing about the new law, in California 1st time offender pays a lower fine etc.)


Disputing the Penalty

That is exactly the stance I took with visitors to the province when I was working. If it was illegal where they were visiting from, I didn't hesitate to ticket if they failed to follow the rules here in BC.

This article explains how to dispute the penalty in writing and it doesn't matter if you are a BC resident or not. Cell phone violations do not have a legislated minimum penalty.

The chances of having the penalty reduced depend on the justice. If your reasons are good I don't see why it wouldn't happen.

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