More on Driver's Licence Restrictions

BC Driver's LicenceMany drivers have what are referred to as restrictions on their driver's license. These restrictions may be limiting, such as being allowed a maximum number of passengers if you are in the Graduated Licensing Program or having to wear corrective lenses if your eyesight does not meet minimum standards. They may also be empowering as is the case with being allowed to operate air brake equipped vehicles or tow a trailer with a Gross Vehicle Weight over 4, 600 kg. In all cases, restrictions must be obeyed, or the driver will find themselves in difficulty if they are stopped by the police or they are involved in a collision.

The most common restriction I deal with is that of corrective lenses. Drivers are stopped and found not to be wearing glasses or have their contact lenses in place. Of course, there is a fine and three penalty points involved in the violation, but that is not the biggest drawback. The driver may not proceed until they comply with the restrictions. If they don't have their lenses or another person capable of driving, they are parked at roadside until they can comply.

But I have had my vision corrected by laser surgery! Sorry, but I'm a police officer, not an eye doctor. I can't tell, and if the restriction is there you must have the lenses. When you have vision correcting eye surgery, the onus is on you to immediately attend a Driver Service Center and have the restriction removed from your license.

A similar situation exists for the other examples, no new driver sign, trailer too heavy, no air brake restriction? Sorry, please park here and make arrangements. The restrictions are not something that you can choose to ignore if they are inconvenient at the time.


Section 25(15) MVA - Fail to Comply with Restrictions

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