Q&A - Dangerous to be on the Road

Q&A ImageMy ex wife has been hospitalized for mental illness and diagnosed as being bi-polar. My concerns are that my daughters go with her and her driving is very erratic. She won't let them drive and she repeatedly goes through traffic signs and lights. My daughters are so scared when they have to go in her car.

She was recently released from the hospital after about a month of psychiatric care. Each bout is getting increasingly severe. What has to happen before someone does something and before she injures or kills someone with her driving?

She is on anti-pysychotic medicine which she has been on before. In time she will stop taking her medicine because she thinks she is better.

A few years ago she had to take a driving test after an episode. She failed twice but barely passed on her last chance. I feel she should have to be re-tested as her behaviour is the same each time. The police are very concerned with her being on the road. I hope someone in your office listens to my concerns and does something proactive in this serious matter.



Some of this is up to you and some of it is up to others.

For yourself, you may choose to report the circumstances to Road Safety BC (used to be Superintendent of Motor Vehicles):

Unsolicited Driver Fitness Reports

You may also wish to have the court review the custody arrangements for the children. If she is in fact a danger to them then they should not be left unaccompanied with her.

You can report the situation to the police as well.

If you know who her doctor is, you can contact them and express your concerns. If they agree, there is onus on them to advise her to stop driving and if she does not, report her to Road Safety BC.

It appears that your daughters must be 16 or older if they try to drive instead of your ex-wife. That is old enough to refuse to get in the car with her. Talk to them about it.

DriveSmartBC is my hobby and I am not connected to the police, ICBC or Road Safety BC so the best that I can do is try to provide you with useful advice. The rest is up to you.

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