Q&A - Enhanced BC Driver's License

Q&A ImageI want to travel to the United States, but I don't want to apply for a Canadian Passport. I understand that I can obtain a special version of a BC driver's license that I can use instead. How do I go about this?



Enhanced BCDLThe new BC Enhanced Driver's Licence is now available to those people who would like to travel to the United States and may be used as an alternative to a Canadian passport. There are three steps to the process:


  1. Gather 3 pieces of ID that includes your current BC driver's license, a Canadian birth certificate and one other piece of ID from the list of 18 acceptable
  2. Make an appointment to attend and apply for the EDL
  3. Activate your new EDL after you obtain it


Your Guide to B.C.'s Enhanced Driver's Licence Program (PDF)

ICBC web site - B.C.'s enhanced driver’s licence