NEWS - Driver Training Bursary for Youth in Care

Federation of BC Youth in Care Networks LogoI.C.B.C., the Government of British Columbia and the Federation of B.C. Youth in Care Networks have announced $50,000 in funding to set up two bursaries that will aid youth in care. The Take the Wheel program will fund driver training and support in the coming year to enable at least 50 youth and young adults to learn to drive properly. Having a driver's licence is often critical to be able to obtain and keep a job in our society.

The Driver Training bursary of $1,000 helps to cover the cost of a GLP driving course or professional driving lessons. The Driver's Licence Support bursary provides $250 to help to cover costs associated with completing the necessary driving practice hours prior to a road test, and incidentals such as proper identification, gas, insurance and other vehicle-related costs.

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