VIDEO - How to Adjust Your Mirrors

VideoThis two minute video shows how to properly adjust your vehicle's mirrors. It focuses on how to adjust your side view mirrors to see into the blind spots on either side, helping you to avoid lane change collisions.


Mirror adjustment

That video is demonstrating bad mirror adjustment.  A shoulder check would have pointed out the car in the other lane but because the driver didn't bother shoulder checking due to mirror adjustment he would have missed a bicycle or motorcycle coming up on him.  The mirror should be adjusted in closer to see these narrow road users and a shoulder check should always be used to see the other lane and blind spot.

Mirror Adjustment

Both the video and the first commenter have valid points.  In the video, it is stated that you do not need to see your vehicle in the mirror.  Absolutely true!  Why would you need to?  You know where it is.  However, why would you lean  over to the extreme as he did and  adjust  the mirrors?  If you were to do this you would just be changing the position of the blind spot and forcing the driver to lean over to a position where he would no longer be able to control the vehicle properly.  Also, if you were to lean out and adjust as they suggest,  you are creating an area (a blind "triangle") which increases with distance, probably to the point where you would not be able to see anything (like approaching emergency vehicles) but the opposite edge of the road.  With the driver sitting in the normal driving position, and the mirrors adjusted as they say (just past the view of the vehicle), your field of view is in line with your vehicle and anything approaching from behind you is visible.  You still have to shoulder check, you always have to shoulder check, but a shoulder check takes fractions of a second.  You don't have to bob and weave like a bobble-head doll to see out of your mirrors.

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