The 70/40 Rule - Slow Down, Move Over

slow down, move over road signA reader reports that she was driving to Nanaimo and somewhere around Cook Creek there was a black vehicle with several flashing lights stationary at the side of the road. The road was not particularly busy and she was in the curbside lane. As she approached, traveling at the posted 110 kph. She gradually reduced her speed, checked her mirrors and moved into the outer lane so that she was traveling at 70 kph before she drew alongside the vehicle. As she passed this vehicle she could see police officer walking in front of the vehicle, taking photographs into the ditch.

She noted a large 4x4 truck bearing down on her from behind in an aggressive manner and clearly the man driving it was ignorant of the law and just saw me as a nuisance to his progress. When she had passed the stopped police vehicle she resumed her speed and moved back to the other lane as he roared past me, clearly trying to make a point. It occurred to her later that he might have tried to solve his angry situation by passing her on the inside which could have had catastrophic consequences.

She has tried in many ways to be sure that people she knew are aware of this law and the reason for it, but all too many drivers seem to be unaware and therefore create even more potentially dangerous situations. Is there any more obvious way to ensure that motorists obey this law she asks?  A few signs posted on the highway are not enough.

If only all drivers thought ahead as they drove and were as considerate as the woman who wrote this message was in the situation. I can only add that you may wish to think of this as the 70/40 rule when you encounter a stopped official vehicle. If the speed is 80 km/h or greater, slow to 70. Otherwise, slow to 40 km/h. It really isn't that difficult!

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