Police Using Cell Phones When Driving

I was wondering if you could cover a subject that is a pet peeve of mine. 
I have observed some RCMP members using a cell phone while driving their patrol car. Are they exempt from this law? I thought distracted driving was distracted driving. I see this happen at least once a week.

We sent such an email to the

We sent such an email to the Vancouver PD.

Got a very nice response from a Sergeant who was then going to have a discussion with his officers.


I agree with you, it certainly seems to be a bad example for the rest of us. However, drivers of emergency vehicles in general are exempt from the prohibition on cell phone use:

Exceptions to prohibition — emergency personnel

214.3  Section 214.2 does not apply to the following persons who use an electronic device while carrying out their powers, duties or functions:

(a) a peace officer;

(b) a person driving or operating an ambulance as defined in the Emergency Health Services Act;

(c) fire services personnel as defined in the Fire Services Act.

I am no longer privy to policy, but I suspect that police forces do have internal rules about when and how to use cellular phones while driving.

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Thanks for the quick response. While I don't agree with some it I now know what the law states. I just have a problem when a member pulls up next to me at a stop light and they are laughing and carrying on great conversation. I still think distracted driving should apply to everyone.

I Agree

You are always able to read the unit number off of the front quarter panel or trunk and complain to the detachment. I can't say that it will help, but if you don't try, you don't get.

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