Disclosure/adjournment question

So I went to traffic court and officer ask for adjournment due to fact he had not complied with my request for disclosure so he asked JP for adjournment due to this issue my question is do I have to request for disclosure again Or is it the officer responsibility to obtain it for me ? I think the issue was he was working for different jurisdictions at that time so there was some clerical error


Since the officer was concerned about not having provided disclosure to you in the first place, I'm going to assume that you have already asked for it.

That adjournment should be peremptory on the prosecution, so if you have asked for it and do not receive it in reasonable time before the next court date you may consider asking the justice to dismiss the ticket.

There should be no need to request it again unless you have changed address in the meantime, or done anything else that would prevent the officer from delivering the material to you.

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