Can I Get the Points Reduced?

If someone who was a New driver got into a minor car accident, and they were at fault and admitted fault to the RCMP, and they were fined and given 6 demerit points, could they appeal to a court to get their demerit points reduced if they were a first time offender with a clean driving record?

Sorry, No.

Points come after the fact. If a driver is issued a ticket for a traffic violation and either pleads guilty or is found guilty by the court, a conviction is entered on their driving record. Points are essentially a poor driving premium assessed by ICBC based on the convictions shown on your driving record. If the conviction entry is there, a schedule in Division 28 of the Motor Vehicle Act Regulations defines how many penalty points it is worth. ICBC then collects the Driver Penalty Point Premium based on the number of points a driver accumulates in a specific period of time.



So how can you get rid of the 6 points then?

You Don't

Well, you really don't get rid of them. They are just a "score" for how dangerous the violation is considered to be. You pay for them according to the method ICBC imposes for calculating penalty point premiums. The conviction entries on your driving record don't go away either.

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