Disputed Ticket, When Do I Pay it?

Hello, I have recently received a ticket and I'm in the process of disputing it, I have already completed the paper work at the court office in Kamloops B.C. I am going to insure my motorcycle in a few weeks and understand all tickets must be paid before I insure again. Would my recent and only ticket be in limbo as I am disputing it? I understand the court date is nine months away. What happens in this situation?


You are correct, that all outstanding traffic ticket fines must be paid before ICBC will issue or renew insurance on your vehicle.

In this case, the ticket has been disputed and really is in limbo until you either pay it or the trial is held and you are convicted. At that point, unless the court grants time to pay, the fine is due and will hold up insurance transactions. Of course if it is dismissed there is nothing to pay.

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