Incomplete video

I received a ticket for a rolling stop. I saw the officer and I know I came to a stop, but it was very short. Very little traffic. He showed me a video he took which clearly shows me slowing down, but he stopped recording before my actual stop. I am not going to contest it, (I rarely get tickets and it won't affect my insurance) but I am wondering if this incomplete video would have made a challenge more sucessful? It does bother me becauseI said I knew I had stopped (very politely) and he said that he was going to give a warnng but changed his mind. Quite upsetting when one is being very polite. This was in the Okanagan of BC.



It does depend on what the video shows. Stopping has two components, a complete cessation of movement and making the stop where you are supposed to.

For instance, if the video shows a stop sign and a marked stop line along with your vehicle approaching and the stop not being made before the stop line, it doesn't matter if he missed recording your stop after the stop line. You did not stop as required and sufficient evidence has been obtained.

With this in mind, I would be able to give better advice if I had more details.

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