If I have a valid AB license with interlock and an old cancelled bc license. Am I able to drive in BC?


As long as you are not prohibited or suspended from driving here in BC. Yes.

Of course, I'm assuming that you are an Alberta resident just back for a visit and not a BC resident who has scammed an Alberta driver's licence in order to avoid consequences here in BC.

If you have any doubts, give ICBC a call.

No I am an Alberta resident

No I am an Alberta resident have been for the last 5+ years. However I have taken a new position at work and will have to come for work here and there. I had a suspension on that license at one point but served the 4 months they had given and was told by the minister of transportation the license was cancelled.

Check With ICBC

A quick call to ICBC would not hurt. Best to be sure that there is nothing that you don't know about hanging over your head.

I had to stick the part about resident in as it was a really common thing. Drivers would be prohibited in BC yet hand you what looked like a valid Alberta driver's licence. A look at the wallet while they dug it out often showed things like a BC Care Card, local library card and other things that would not be available to an Alberta resident.

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