Mistake on my ticket, wrote wrong vehicle make

I was pulled over in June 2009 and disputed my ticket the day after I was issued it, I was told by multiple people that if an officer made any mistake on the ticket it would be graunteed invaild. I finally got a letter in the mail in July 2010 saying my court date is in sept 16 2010. I was not aware I would have to go to court about it. What are the chances of me winning the dispute? The officer wrote Dodge neon instead of chrysler when he even had my car insurace papers with it written right there that it was a CHRYSLER neon. And what should I expect when I go to court? I have never been and I am getting quite nervous! Thank you for your time, Amanda :)

The Shaded Area

Hi Amanda!

If you take a look at your ticket right above where the officer signed, you will see the words SHADED AREAS OF THIS TICKET ARE NOT PART OF THE OFFENCE CHARGED. What this means is that an error or omission here is not critical to the ticket. So, writing Dodge instead of Chrysler won't cause problems for the officer's case against you because it is in the shaded area.

If there had been a number of these mistakes, perhaps you could make the point that if the officer made that many errors on the ticket, perhaps the information given in testimony on the offence also contained errors. Since both Dodge and Chrysler divisions made the Neon at one time or another, it is a simple mix up.

You will have to pin your hopes on something else to successfully dispute the allegation.

Description of Offences

Good to know about the shaded area of the offence ticket. I'm deciding on whether it's worth everyone's while for me to dispute the ticket I got tonight. On mine the officer listed my city of residence as "POCO" instead of "Port Coquitlam". A judge could choose to ignore that but given that it's in the shaded area it's a moot point now.

Part 2 is the offence description.

I was caught out on my way home tonight in Vancouver. The officer at a radar trap pointed out to me that the speed limit on the road was posted at 50km/h but didn't tell me what speed he clocked me at (and I wasn't about to ask). He listed the description as "Speeding"  under section 146(1). I honestly don't know my speed but can only assume it wasn't over 71 km/h. Since my last ticket was 15 years ago, I thought that the description area should have said something about my speed as the offense ticket would be the official log and document to record the offense. That is, unless the officer kept seperate notes or the speed is irrelevant as long as it was between 50 and 71 km/h.

Speed in Municipality

The wording on the ticket should be Speed in Municipality and the penalty infers what the speed might be, 1 to 20 over or 21 to 40 over. If it is the former, the penalty will be $138, if the latter $196. There is no need to write the measured speed on the face of the ticket. It goes in the officer's notes.

The officer should have told you how fast he measured your speed at as a courtesy, but of course you should know what your speed was too. You can find out by requesting disclosure now (use Search this site in the above left for instructions how)

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