Red Light Camera Ticket Questions


2 part question. I heard if you dispute these tickets then the driver would take responsibility of the ticket vs the registered owner of the vehicle and if found guilty then the driver penalty points could be applied to your licence. Is this true?

Situation: I was driving my parents car last week and as I approched the light which was green there was an ambulance behind me who lit up his siren. I was making a left hand turn, the ambulance was a decent distance away and not directly behind me and when I had looked in the rearview to asses the situation, I didn't notice the light turn Yellow and when I looked forward again it I didn't know if this had switched a millisecond ago or more. I had no where to pull over anyways and was now going to fast to suddenly brake so I continued to make the left turn and then pull over once complete. The light turned RED according to the ticket at 0.38 seconds of me entering the intersection and I was clocked at a rate of 51 km/hr in a 50km/hr zone so I can prove I wasn't being dangerous or speeding up to the light to beat it or anything. The ticket shows me going through the light but of course not the ambulance so I don't know how I would be able to prove it was there. 

I remember the whole situation but didn't realize there are red-light cameras now and since I rarely drive my folks got a shock when they were mailed a ticket! (and of course think I'm guilty!) ... if I knew I would have told them in advance.

Since it's my parents car I want to solve this in the easiest manner (which means paying the ticket) but I don't feel like it is something I deserve. I also don't know how I can prove this either. I don't want to take the risk to dispute it just to receive points on my own license in the end.  

Thank you for any advice in advance!

- CR

2 Part Answer

1) The driver must be nominated in order to receive penalty points. There is a process for doing that explained in the ticket. If you pay the ticket without being nominated, no one gets points.

2) You ran a red light while distracted by an ambulance. Unfortunately, the law says that you must not enter the intersection on red. Being distracted by an ambulance is not a defence to the charge.


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