U-Turn Ticket Question

I just got a ticket for making a u-turn at an uncontrolled (no traffic light) T intersection when there were no other cars. (In North Vancouver Forbes and 6th)

From what I have read in icbc rules of the road that was not illegal.

The section is 168(h)(iv) and the act/REGS seems to be 14VA

Can you help me?

Still giving out tickets for that in NV?

Surprising to see that they are still giving out these U-turn at Stop signs tickets in North Vancouver:


You can dispute and talk to the officer before the hearing, bring a print-out of section 168 and a print-out of the definition of the traffic control signal.
Ask the officer to withdraw the ticket.

Also maybe a good idea to confiscate the officer's copy of ICBC's "fines" brochure that lists "168(b)(iv) U-turn - intersection $167 2pts", since it seems to be their guiding document instead of the MVA. Or maybe write in "U-turn - intersection - w/ traffic light".


It may be that the ticket writer needs a course in penmanship. The section that you refer to is 168(b)(iv) and the entry under Act./ Regs should be MVA.

At any rate, here's the intersection in question:

There is quite clearly no traffic control signal present.

Reverse turn

168 Except as provided by the bylaws of a municipality or the laws of a treaty first nation, a driver must not turn a vehicle so as to proceed in the opposite direction

(b) when he or she is driving

(iv) at an intersection where a traffic control signal has been erected,

"traffic control signal" means a traffic control device, whether manually, electrically or mechanically operated, by which traffic is directed to stop and to proceed.

The stop sign is a traffic control device, not a traffic control signal.

"traffic control device" means a sign, signal, line, meter, marking, space, barrier or device, not inconsistent with this Part, placed or erected by authority of the minister responsible for the administration of the Transportation Act, the council of a municipality or the governing body of a treaty first nation or a person authorized by any of them to exercise that authority;

So, this prohibition is not in effect at this intersection.

How best to proceed?

I'm familiar with that intersection, and would cheerfully execute a U-Turn there so long as it didn't affect other traffic. Heck, so far as I understand it, one could make a U-Turn within a 4-Way Stop (which would probably raise a few eyebrows).

But meanwhile, would you suggest that the Anonymous U-Turner should dispute the ticket in court, or perhaps contact the North Vancouver RCMP Traffic Sergeant and ask for him to intercede and cancel the ticket?


In general, I would dispute the allegation and remain silent until the officer has completed his or her evidence in chief.

Should the error not be noticed, at this point you could consider making a no evidence motion and having the JJP dismiss the ticket.

Notifying the officer gives them the opportunity to correct the error. There is nothing to stop them from cancelling the defective information and issuing a corrected one.

In this case, if there was no breach of the law in any way, then yes, you could consider asking the officer to withdraw the ticket.

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