Temporary Spare Tires

Temporary Spare TireIn order to save space in some vehicles, car manufacturers have resorted to supplying a compact spare tire. This small light spare is great for not taking up much room in the trunk, but it's value as a spare tire is also limited.

One cannot use it to replace a flat tire and carry on as normal. The owner's manual for my vehicle says "The compact spare is for temporary emergency use...the original tire should be repaired (or replaced) and reinstalled at the first opportunity."

It goes on to specify the correct inflation pressure for the tire and a maximum speed limit of 80 km/h when using it. It also warns about reduced ground clearance and cautions that the driver must be aware of this.

The Motor Vehicle Act Regulations reinforce the importance of using this spare tire as little as possible. They allow the use of the temporary spare only if the driver makes arrangements immediately to repair or replace the original tire.

Drivers who neglect to deal with the situation immediately may be subject to a fine and the possibility of having their vehicle removed from the highway until such time as an adequate tire has been installed in place of the temporary spare.


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