VIEWPOINT - Motorcycle Excessive Noise

SoapboxThere is one thing that irks me - the excessive noise of "unregulated exhaust system" Harley Davidson motorcycles.

I know a few who own these beautiful machines and they agree with me that there is a way to control the throttle that can make a lot of noise - or not. Combined with "straight pipes", the driver has a certain amount of control over how much noise comes from acceleration or revving.

Why do a lot of bikers make it a policy to go around on our shared roads announcing their presence by the noise? It seems very inconsiderate. What I don't understand is how they can get away with it. Any car that make half the amount of noise (e.g. compromised muffler) would likely be pulled over and ticketed. Do the police have an "understanding" with the bikers about this? The summertime in BC is ruined by chopper noise – there are getting to be too many of them, all over the roads. I can hear the sound miles away in some situations.

The arguement that "we have to make noise so other drivers know we are near" doesn't add up either.

There are others that complain about the Harley Davidson bike noise too, even when they are “doing a good turn”

It is time for vehicle noise regulations to be enforced equally to everyone.


Noisy Bikes

I know that Kelowna has enacted a bylaw to help counter this.  Those that make the claim that noisy pipes save lives have not taken the time to understand sound waves and the doppler effect.  I ride, I have big three-inch pipes on my bike.   I also have baffles installed to keep the noise legal and my neighbors happy.

My response to those that like noisy pipes:   If noisy pipes save lives, imagine what learning to ride will do!

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