ELECTION 2020 - Road Safety Issues

BC LogoBC residents will be electing a new provincial government on October 24, 2020. Prior to the past two elections I e-mailed the four principal parties and asked if they had any road safety planks in their election platforms. I was added to mailing lists and sent boilerplate responses, but never received a considered answer. Perhaps this will be different in 2020, but I'm not holding my breath.

If I receive a response, I will add it in the comments below.

If road safety issues are important to you, I urge you to contact your MLA and let them know. If you wish to share these with us (and any response that you receive) please e-mail them to election2020@drivesmartbc.ca and I will post them below as well.

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Twitter Response

A commitment to build interurban infrastructure including highways capable of handling current vehicle traffic as well as tomorrow's.

Comprehensive driver training & testing with retesting (with Artificial Intelligence) upon Driver's Licence renewal.

Dismantle traffic fine revenue sharing with municipalities (conflict of interest).

A thorough overhaul of the DPP system with an examination of future at fault crash risk and offenses associated... with fines and DPPs assessed accordingly. Lower risk offenses would have lower fines and lower points.

Liberal Party Response


We will be releasing our platform over the course of the campaign, so it's too early to provide the details you are looking for. We can provide the direct answer you seek once the platform is out.


We will be coming out with our platform in the next few days, at which time it will be available on our website.


They never did respond further, but their platform is now out. Aside from bolstering the court system in general, the only direct mentions to highway safety include roadside panhandling and zero tolerance for street racing.

Twitter Response

Implement the recommendations from the former PHO's road safety report & the changes presented by the road safety reform group.

Triple funding for ICBC's RIP.

Double the number of intersection safety cameras.

Twitter Response

Commitment to *actually* reviewing & revising the Motor Vehicle Act to bring the Act out of the 1950s & provide legal recognition & protections for Vulnerable Road Users.

This gov’t had 3.5 yrs. Took until last year for Min. Trevena to commit to review; v little action.

We must demand better.


Ensure that legislation is brought into effect, requiring that tickets issued by red light cameras (or any other device) carry license demerit points, and that the actual driver can be nominated by the vehicle owner for this purpose.

Otherwise, what the hell is the point in having a demerit point system? Or is the government so cynical as to acknowledge that it's really only about the money, and nothing to do with penalizing the drivers who run through red lights?


I don't know, according to google, the office of the superintendant has been closed permanently. Which raises a whole lot of morality questions in my mind. Amongst others like constitutional and charter rights.

Is that even legal?

How the... Why the...  Nowwhat? That ain't right. That ain't right at all.

Does this mean it's anarchy on BC streets and highways now? 

You can't just subject people to all kinds of unfair and unethical treatment that ruins their lives and then just run out like that. You can't just leave such a large swath of activity so integral to society and people's needs unregulated and unsupervised without giving some kind of notice or putting some kind of other measure in place first.

What in the crap is going on in this province?


You forgot to ask the Conservative party what their platform is


Thanks for bringing up the oversight.


They failed to respond.

NDP Response


Initial e-mail request made.


I sent a follow up e-mail this morning and had a response by mid-afternoon. They apologized for the delayed response and said that their platform would be posted on their web site "within the next few days."


The NDP's full platform does not contain any reference to road safety for this election other than safety improvements for the Malahat Highway.

Green Response


Initial e-mail request made.


Follow up e-mail sent as no response has been received.


No response received. The party has published bits & pieces of a platform but I don't see anything road safety related.

Liberal Plan for Car Insurance

Here's an interesting analysis of Liberal plans for ICBC by Richard McCandless.

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