FEEDBACK - How You Would Stop Speeders

Speed DemonThe Minister of Public Safety and Solicitor General, Mike Farnworth wants to hear from you about how to stop idiots driving at excessive speeds. In a press release to kick off his second term in this position he says that "he’ll be listening to police, ministry staff, other road-safety partners and the public for ideas about how we can stop these drivers for good."

Some interesting points from the Traffic Injury Research Foundation's Road Safety Monitor on excessive speeding:

  • Although the majority of drivers exceed the posted speed limit, excessive speeders are more likely to be young drivers, and in particular male drivers.
  • More than two thirds of Canadians (67.9%) appear to view excessive speeding as a very important road safety issue.
  • 81.1% of Canadians believe that excessive speeding will likely result in a crash.
  • 81.7% of respondents perceived other Canadians to be highly concerned about excessive speeding.
  • With regards to the use of various measures for dealing with the issue of excessive speeding, 65.9% agree that speeding should be a higher priority for enforcement efforts, 52.8% agree that vehicles should be equipped with devices to prevent excessive speeding, and 45.6% agree that the penalties for speeding should be equal to those for drinking and driving.

Motor vehicle related crashes, injuries and fatalities in British Columbia 2010 to 2019

Do you have a suggestion on what should be done to stop excessive speeding? Submit it to the Minister by e-mail using this link:

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