Can an Alberta Driver with a Restricted Licence Drive in BC?

Hello. My boyfriend was currently found guilty of care and control. He has been without his license for a full year before his court date and was then found guilty. He currently is applying for a restricted license that he can drive provided he has a interlock. During his course today they informed him that bc laws may not permit him to drive there with his restricted license and breathalyzer system. Is this true? Can he not drive in bc with his restricted license and interlock system installed?


If he has a valid driver's licence in Alberta, he can use it to drive in BC as long as he complies fully with the restrictions on the licence. The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia (ICBC) is our licensing authority. You may wish to contact them once he has his restricted licence and you know for certain what the restrictions are for reassurance that he would be able to drive legally here in BC.

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