Date of Conviction & Penalty Points

I realize that from the time you dispute a ticket to the time a court date gets settled could be around a year. So the Driver Penalty Points says that it's the total amount of points in a 12 month period. My birthday is Aug 1, 2014 so my 12 month period would be Mar 1, 2013 to Mar 1, 2014.

So for example, let's say I got a speeding ticket today worth 3 points towards my premium. I dispute the ticket and one year later is my court date. Now, what is the date that the 3 points is officially registered on my records? There are 2 possibilities I can think of.

First possibility is today (Sep 9, 2013), which is the date I got the ticket from the officer. Now the problem with that is I'm disputing it. My 12 month period for this year ends Mar 1, 2014. I know you don't need to pay anything if you are less than a 3 for the year. So let's say I'm disputing this one and a few months later I get another ticket worth another 3. Now I'm due for a penalty but if the points are recorded on the date that I was ticketed, then I would have to pay a DPP for my Mar 1, 2013 to Mar 1, 2014 period when I haven't had my day in court yet.

The second possibility is the points get recorded if I do end up going to court and as a result is still guilty of the offence. Now the problem I find with that is, the offence happened on Sep 9, 2013 and my 12 month period ends Mar 1, 2014, the court date would for sure be sometime after that, so common sense says that I should be off the books now after Mar 1, 2014. But if the points are recorded at the court date of when I was found guilty (make something up say, Sep 1, 2014) and I get another 3 point offence a few months down the road. Now I have 6 points for this years 12 month period when logically my first 3 points should be over and done with and leaving me with just my current 3 points and whatever else might happen for the rest of this year.

So I just want to know what is the rule ICBC follows for when the premium points are officially recorded. I find flaws with both possibilities and those are the only possibilities I can think of. Thank you for your time to answer my question.

I see a very easy solution to

I see a very easy solution to your problem and that is obey the traffic laws it is just that simple......


Penalty points result from a traffic violation conviction. In general, the date of conviction is the date of the offence shown on the ticket if you pay it outright. If you dispute and are found guilty, the date of conviction is the date that the court finds you guilty.

So, you could get tickets in a short space of time as you say in your second scenario and end up dealing with penalty points over two different billing periods.

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