ICBC Indebtedness Licence Renewal

How do I get ICBC to graciously remove my debt? because I owe a lot of money for an injury claim and its past 7 years; statute of limitations. I haven't paid anything, and they won't issue a lisence to me.

I came across this article

I came across this article and am curious if anyone has ever declared bankruptcy with an injury claim and been denied a license where the accident with the injury claim does not have a criminal code conviction involved.
From what i've read in the BC MVA, ICBC can use section 26(1)(b) of the MVA to deny a license regardless of bankruptcy.
26(1)(b)"The Insurance Corporation of British Columbia may, without a hearing, refuse to issue a driver's licence to a person who is indebted to the Insurance Corporation of British Columbia for any motor vehicle indebtedness."
But I can not see how they could deny a license if the accident that led to the injury claim did not have a criminal code conviction involved.
"motor vehicle indebtedness" is: insurance premiums and related fees, charges or interest, claims related to accidents that occurred during a criminal code offence and fines under various acts.
So I can see if you were driving and driving and got in an accident where you were at fault then ICBC could deny you a license renewal until you pay your debt.  There are various other scenerios with criminal convictions involved of course.
But I am curious if ICBC has ever denied a license after a claim that didn't have a criminal conviction.


I insured someones car and they never played insurance
I heard from few people if it has been over 7 years that debt
Will be cleared and I can go apply for my learner's is this correct

Please Read This Thread Completely

I don't know how your outstanding ICBC debt occurred as I don't understand your explanation.

However, the thread does explain about time limits and applying for relief.

Once the debt is satisfied, ICBC will again permit you to make transactions.

  When you were sued could


When you were sued could you show up or have a lawyer show up?

If you couldn't goto court and defend your self they got a default rulling you should appeal it on the grounds it was impossible for you to goto court or have legal repersantation in your defense. Then do a new case and see what happens.

The other option is to drive illegally. The other option is to send a dispute of debt form and ask for it to be taken to court. Just search BC dispute of debt form just fill it in print sign mail. Ask for all contact to be in mail form so there is no he said she said.

Other then that good luck. The reason they sued is they said your insurance is invalid because you were drunk so that's what they paid plus legal costs so that's what they want. Heck I got hit by a driver on a cell phone then reended by another one several months later years of pain and suffering and all I get is a screw you from ICBC. 100 percent no fault accident the other driver even said I was texting my husband at least she said sorry the guy that reended me was more worried about his discount then went your lights don't work I go well that big truck that stopped in front of me and I tapped my brakes and went see work fine... He was lost and looking for directions on his phone. Distracted driver agian... Can't work can't do my job no income and lots of bills for medical pills and treatment have to go that's what the docotor says. ICBC couldn't care less no money they just go you must be better because you stopped. They're not happy unless your broke and homeless and they screw you over. I'm tempted to just drive with no insurance because I rather pay a fine then deal with them.

Submitted by E-mail

I was 19 years old and was in a car accident drinking and driving, hitting a homeless person reulting in a brain injury.  As a result of this accident ICBC claimed that I owed them 2 million dollars because they had paid the person injured.  I was sentenced to jail  for 3 1/2 years and I served for 2 years jail term and was released.  ICBC sued me while in jail and never had any money to pay them until now.  Since the debt is too old for 8 years now, is this passed the Limitation ACt and no nlonger enforceable?  My suspended driver's licence will expire Oct. 27, 2014. The Motoer Vehicled Office informed me that I cannot get my driver's licence untill the 2 million dollar is paid. How can I get my driver's licience? I have to look for a job and need a drivewr's licence to drive to he client"s site.  I need your help and advice.

Limitation dates

Once the plaintiff (or insurer) has a (Supreme Court) judgment against you, the debt does not expire for ten years and can be renewed for another ten years.


ICBC is allowed by law to refuse to issue a driver's licence or vehicle licence when there is an outstanding debt. Section 26 of the Motor Vehicle Act applies.

What you don't say is if this is something that you refuse to pay or cannot pay. I'm no expert here by any means, but I suspect that refuse to pay debts don't go away. A quick Google search found advice from Meyers Norris Penny Limited suggests that they could go away if you declare bankruptcy.

More Information

I contacted Stacy Yanchuk Oleksy, Director of Education and Community Awareness with the Credit Counselling Society. Her response was that this is not considered a debt but is instead a legal issue. She suggested contacting RoadSafetyBC (formerly known as the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles), which I will do.

OSMV Answer

The OSMV replied to me today:

Drivers who have been refused issuance or renewal of their driver’s licence, or have had their active driver’s licence cancelled by ICBC because they owe ICBC money and or have unpaid fines, may appeal the decision under section 118.7 of the Motor Vehicle Act to the Superintendent of Motor Vehicles.  For further information you may visit our website and read the Fact Sheet on Motor Vehicle Indebtedness.

So, it appears that you have to make some attempt to pay before you can expect any relief.

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