NEWS - BC to Follow Montana's Example

New BC LogoTodd Stone, Minister of Transportation and Infrastructure, made a surprise announcement today concerning speed limits on BC's freeways. Effective one month from today they will be removed entirely during the daytime. Like Montana, drivers will be required to drive at a speed that is reasonable and prudent in the circumstances.

The only caveat for this change in law will apply to drivers who fail to keep to the right. Due to ICBC's current debt problems, drivers using the left lane that fail to move over will not receive any insurance coverage if they are rear ended. Loof Lirpa, spokesperson for claims, reports that the corporation is considering making those drivers automatically responsible for the collision and that they can expect to lose their safe driving discount for life.

Dev Null manages government affairs for the group C.E.N.T.S. She is ecstatic with the coming change. "Carbon tax be damned" she said, "if I want to pay for increased greenhouse gas emissions caused by high speeds, that's my choice and a price I'll gladly pay!" If you agree, please send us your message of support.


Very good.

Encouraging to see this initiative, it can only benefit safety and traffic flow.

WT ...

April fools, right?

Speed Limits

April Fools


That’s awesome!

next time you see me, I’ll be doing 150+ kmh down the Island highway with a set of propane B Trains.

It seems reasonable to me.


IFIXCATS Mobile Heavy Equipment Repair.

The old legal principle of Loof Lirpa

.... and spelled backwords ?  April Fool.

.... also on April 1st, watch out for documents signed by "N. I. Dekcus"

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