NEWS - Changes to Imported Vehicle Inspection Rules

BC FlagEffective April 1, 2015, certain privately owned vehicles will no longer have to undergo a mandatory mechanical inspection prior to be licenced by ICBC. Under the New West Partnership Agreement, vehicles imported into BC from Alberta and Saskatchewan meeting the following conditions:

  • The vehicle was last registered in either Alberta or Saskatchewan to the person making application for the inspection exemption;
  • The vehicle has a “normal” status (not rebuilt, salvaged or written off) reported through the Inter-provincial Records Exchange  (IRE) system;
  • The vehicle is either:
    • less than 4 years old from the date of manufacture; or,
    • has been inspected as part of an NWP government inspection program and has passed the mechanical safety requirements within the previous 90 days

will be exempted.



    Oh! Canada.

    This should be encouraging news, but why on earth do we only have three provinces in this agreement?

    Sometimes, you just have to shake your head; we must be the most over-governed country on the planet.

    This is Canada.  It's a country.  There should only be one standard for pretty much anything to do with vehicles.  One Federal Driver Licensing system.  One Mechanical/Government Inspection standard.   One environmental standard.  And so on.

    Sorry to be taking this thread into the political arena, but these are Canadian issues, not Provincial; or at least, that's how it should be.

    We are absurdly over-regulated, supporting many unnecessary layers of government employees, many of whom could be made redundant.  All of us would be financially better off if the provincial layer of infrastructure was abolished (due to the reduction in taxation to pay the employees, and the licensing fees necessary to support it all) and our country would be a better, more united, place.

    OK, I'll get off my soapbox now.  But seriously ... 

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