NEWS - Rural Highway Safety and Speed Review Update

BC FlagThis post implementation update was published in June, 2016. The 112 page review looks at the initial speed limit change decisions made from the 2014 review and shows how those changes have affected road safety in BC. You may already be aware of some recent speed limit reductions because collision rates increased following the increases implemented after that review. Oddly enough, in some places crashes actually diminished following the speed limit increases.



The review is ridiculous for at least a few reasons

First is they are comparing previous complete years of data against 4 months of a year missing, July 2014 to end of OCT 2014 aren't even counted in, which if you look at the previous years data, the 4 summer months are the highest crash rates.( talk about making data one sided in the favor of the government ) Sure can't wait to see the actual numbers of crashes, fatalities & injuries for 2014, after all in North America always in the past & present Summer is the worst months on the Hwy's.

Next is they measure speeds using the 85th%tile method dreamed up in 1964, Yes almost 53 Years ago, and one of the main theory's of the 85%tile is the Majority of drivers are reasonable & prudent. Well maybe back in 1964, but a quick drive anywhere in North America or BC will prove that theory completely WRONG!

Next part of the out of date 85th%tile is they measure a minimum of 125 vehicles at ONE POINT for a few hours, so for the coquihalla hwy for instance that has an average daily use of 13,600 vehicles a day,so in FACT they measure .009 % of the traffic,,,,,, Yes That's point zero zero 9 %, they then use that data to make the claim that's what happens on that hwy 24 hours a day,,,, How is that even possible? How is that even a reasonable assumption? Even if they counted double the minimum, and that's not vehicles in a row, that is counted randomly as well, your still only at .018%., To me that's just Insane with what is possible with todays technology.

So when the Actual crash, injury & fatality numbers come out, we will see if in fact the the numbers on a few sections did actually diminish. Sure will be better to compare a complete year against each previous complete years, not a stacked deck in favor of the house.

speed review

Yes, lets see all the statistics. BC Traffic deaths were up by 22 in 2014. Traffic crashes were up by 9-11 % in the TRANS BC analysis.

Targetting drivers who drive slower than speeding drivers has increased accidents and injuries. This was a mistake that needs correction. Let's see targetting distracted and excessively speeding drivers, to reduce crashes and deaths on BC roads.

The BC Liberal are opposed to photo radar-they need to get with new technology or just fund old fashioned but effective IRU radar campaigns.

Where is the Update?

If possible can a link be posted to access the June 2016 post-implementation update. Keep the link to the original 2014 article and review as we need both.

Slow Drivers

Further to the comment about slow drivers being ticketed - I say, GREAT - I do believe that distracted drivers also need to be targeted as well and I'm very pleased to see the increase in fines for that.

However, the slow drivers who do not check their rear-view mirrors and hog the middle line cause road rage. To get around them, people take unnecessary chances. I have no problem with people who drive slowly but they must be courteous and move over for others - otherwise they are obstructing traffice and for other drivers, this is very frustrating. This is especially true for single lane highways. So I'm very glad to hear those drivers are being ticketted.

Slow Drivers

For the revised law KRETP, it is true if your in the left lane at or even above the speed limit with a minimum of 5 vehicles behind you, (of course with an open hwy ahead of you, not in solid traffic) police can give you a ticket.

But if your on a single lane hwy driving at the speed limit, you can have well more than 5 vehicles behind you that want to speed and you can't get a ticket. What would the ticket be for? Following the law & driving safely. Now if your well below the speed limit with a string of traffic and you fail to pull off the road where safe to do so, then yes you could receive a ticket.

It's not I don't agree with the law that the left lane is for passing only, but many speeders see this now as their right to tailgate at or above the speed limit to try and force the driver out of their way so they can speed even faster.

The truth is that if the driver in the left lane was over the speed limit, and the traffic in the right lane now sped up, (which happens all the time) the even faster speeders still want the driver out of their way. Funny how the speeders, that are themselves Breaking the Law, get frustrated with a driver through no fault of their own now because the right lane sped up as they were passing, is following the speed limit, or even slightly over, yet they can now get a ticket.

These drivers "Don't Cause Road Rage" it's actually the impatient speeders behind that "Allow Themselves" to have their emotions take over their common sense because of their selfishness. They are Never Forced to take unnecessary chances while driving, they are not Forced to speed to get by when a break ahead finally comes, they Choose too! They could just as easy stay calm, drive safely & enjoy the drive. So if your finding yourself getting frustrated with other drivers, for what ever reason, it's time to get off the road, relax. and collect your thoughts before continuing, as now it is you that are the dangerous driver, No human thinks rationally once mad & frustrated, and that's when errors increase.

Slow Drivers

I'm not talking about drivers who drive the speed limit or slightly over the speed limit - I'm talking about ones that go 30-40 in a 50 km zone.  I don't tailgait, I just suffer.  I have no problem with drivers that are doing the speed limit.  In terms of tailgaiters - I always move over, even if I am doing over the speed limit and they want to pass.  No problem with me - I won't get the ticket - they will.

the crash problem on BC roads

The increased BC crash and fatal injury problem is not slow drivers-it is distracted, excessively speeding drivers and impaired drivers. Please- Let's see the BC Government adress these causes with much more eduction and enforcement. Please.The life saved may be yours,familly, friends, neighbours

These Drivers are Getting Ticketed?

Have they changed a law I don't know about? It is perfectly legal to drive 30-40 in a 50 km/hr zone, how ever it is illegal to drive over 50 km/hr so I don't understand why it makes you suffer to follow the law, you just said you have no problem with someone doing the speed limit, just because it's 50 km/hr, in no way means a driver has to drive dead on 50 km/hr, that just means the "Maximum" speed allowed is 50 km/hr, that's where I think your confused, as many drivers are.

If your speeding you might be the one that gets the ticket, it's good you move over as the left lane is only a passing lane not a driving lane, unless moving over for merging traffic, emergency vehicles or other obstructions. I was talking about say driving on a 110 km/hr hwy in the right lane and catching up to 1 or more vehicles only doing say 90 km/hr, so I pull into the left lane to pass, as I don't speed I only needed to stay at the speed limit to get by, Originally, but as I get even with the other vehicle(s), they now speed up to 110 km/hr. I am still not going to speed, so now I have to slow down to get back in the right lane, but in the meantime now, what has happened is 5 or more vehicles traveling at 140-150 km/hr have caught up to me before I got by and are now tailgating me claiming I'm a Left Lane Hog,,,,,, See what I mean, so because I refuse to break the law and speed, I'm the one to get a ticket? And the double whammy is when I slow down to move back into the right lane, is the vehicle(s) in the right lane again match my speed. So I either have to slow down even more, or am forced to speed (Break the Law) in order to follow a Law, and one reason I have dash cams with GPS, go ahead, write me a ticket, see you in court and have a judge tell me I have to break the law in order to follow another one, see how that goes.

For Class 1 Driver

Hi there - sorry you sound so upset - I'm not talking about the highway and I'm not talking about a 2 lane road - 1 lane going each way.  In the situation I'm talking about - there is no left hand passing lane - I'm talking about a rural road - there are places for people to pull over and let the traffic pass - at the speed limit. 

It seems we will have to agree to disagree.

That's Hilarious

Why would I be upset? Your the one saying your frustrated with drivers following the Law. Like the law says, the "Maximum" posted speed is 50 km/hr, so if a driver is doing 40 km/hr, which is only slightly more than walking speed slower difference, I highly doubt that constitutes as unreasonable, even for ideal conditions.

Curious, where is this long stretch of 50 km/hr hwy rural road with no passing?  If I'm driving I have zero problem with a driver under the posted limit, and for that matter rarely find any one driving "Unreasonably" under a posted limit, if they were diving at 10-20 km/hr in ideal conditions with a string of traffic behind them, well then that could be considered unreasonable and an officer could then pull them over to allow traffic by, but even on a certain number of 120 km/hr hwy's in BC is there a "Minimum" posted speed limit, and that is 60 km/hr on level ground and that is also for ideal conditions.

What's to disagree?


To Class one Driver

This is my last post.  Where I live, the roads are narrow and windy.  Most roads are listed 50 km/hr.  There are a couple at 60 km/hr., and then the highway at 80km/hr.  There are very few places to pass safely unless the person in front pulls over to let one by.

I don't care what speed other drivers going - you are correct, they can do any speed they want under the speed limit.  But I also have the right to travel the speed limit.  So if they are going slower than the posted speed limit, they should be courteous enough to pull over and let those of us who want to do the speed limit, by.  And, if there is a line up behind them and they don't get over so others can pass, then they should be ticketed.

That's all I'm saying.  You can disagree but this is the truth.



I would not say that you have the right to travel at the speed limit. I would say that all other things being equal, taking road conditions into account, you may choose to travel at the speed limit. It is the maximum legal speed, not the minimum.

The rule about slow driving says the following:

Slow driving

145 (1) A person must not drive a motor vehicle at so slow a speed as to impede or block the normal and reasonable movement of traffic, except when reduced speed is necessary for safe operation or in compliance with law.

The difference between the speed limit and the minimum speed is that the maximum is set without equivocation in the law, the minimum is not. There are many justifiable reasons for driving at a speed below the speed limit and there is clearly a difference of opinion about what they might be. Ultimately, the courts rule on it.

I agree with you, courtesy does play a big part in road safety and I've always told people that once you start leading the parade and no opportunity affords itself for others to pass, you should pull over, stop and allow them to pass. That could amount to making a decision for self preservation. Some jurisdictions set a limit on a maximum of 5 vehicles behind you, but BC is not one of them. We do have some slow vehicle pull outs and my experience is that drivers do use them.

slow drivers are not the problem

SGI -Saskatchewan Government Insurance performs an in depth analysis of fatal  crashes in that Province. They have identified 29 major factors in fatal accidents.

Driving too slow for conditions or driving below the limit is not identifed as a major factor in fatal accidents. While slow drivers frustrate speeders -this is not the safety problem on BC roads-it is excessive speed, distracted and impaired driving.

Focusing on slow drivers may be popular in BC , but so far it has cost 22 lives that we know of(2014 vs 2013) and increased crashes , with no ICBC update on how many more thousands have been injured, with the increased focus on speeding up BC traffic.


kishori hutchings, it's exactly what I thought

And what I said before, you are confused as many drivers are, you and many drivers see the Maximum posted speed limit as the speed everyone "Must" drive at, as soon as someone drives slightly under you consider it as they aren't following the speed limit, when in fact they are.

Which makes your claim,,, " I don't care what speed other drivers going " Wrong. You obviously do care if someone is following the law, if a driver feels safer driving at 40 km/hr on a windy narrow road with a 50 km/hr posted limit, that is perfectly legal and can't be considered unreasonable, same with 50 km/hr on a posted 60 km/hr and so on. So when you say,,,,, " I Just Suffer",,, it's simply because you don't understand the Law, you and many drivers that get "Frustrated" are actually in the wrong and making yourselves dangerous drivers by allowing drivers that are in Fact following the law to Frustrate you and in your minds making you suffer.

I drive so many places and countries I see I mix up some laws myself though, I use as a rule of thumb and what seems like common sense that if you are driving under the maximum limit and start getting a string of traffic, (That's where I get 5 vehicles from, some jurisdictions use this) then for sure it is courtesy and for safety to pull off the road where safe to allow traffic by. But what I get almost every where I drive is even doing the Maximum posted speed, as I don't speed. I still get a string of speeders behind me, so if there is no where to pass for a long time and a safe place to pull over, I will even pull off the road where safe to allow the speeders by, or will slow down when a passing lane comes up to let them by, not that I have too, because if I'm doing the posted maximum I'm certainly not being forced into speeding and breaking the law, but I realize most drivers are "BAD Drivers" and allow themselves to get Frustrated at drivers that follow the Law.


Maximum Speed

I do agree with Class One driver and Tim, but there is wiggle room in the real world and many drivers drive the limit plus 10. This should not be the justification for increasing top end speed limits to 120 KPH which have now become 130KPH for many. Too fast for conditions crashes happen too often and innocent British Columbians are suffering the consequences of raised speed limits.With no increase in education and enforcement, crashes and injuries will increase. Still no up date from ICBC on 2015 statistics or 2014 crashes and injuries on the ICBC website.

That's part of the problem (Wiggle Room)

And for more than one reason. It makes me wonder why they actually put the word "Maximum" on a speed sign if they allow drivers 10 km/hr over. I know that the vast majority of drivers do know the likely hood of getting a ticket if you stay within 10 km/hr over are slim, even though the fact is they are now "Dangerous Speeders" causing a steady speed variance that causes crashes, but police that enforce the law also know that it will be a very short time until they can catch an even more dangerous speeder at 15 km/hr or higher above the posted speed, so you certainly can't blame the police.

And the very reason speed over distance and photo radar cameras are needed to enforce Zero Tolerance, and by zero tolerance like in New Zealand for example, the cameras ticket all drivers that are over 4 km/hr the posted limit, that allows for mechanical variance, anything higher is a conscience choice to speed and start risking lives.

The other problem with wiggle room is how it makes most drivers feel it's their "RIGHT" to go 10 km/hr over as that is actually how they perceive the speed limit, so everyone that follows the law, which does include without being unreasonable, 5 to 10 km/hr under the posted Maximum, ( for Ideal conditions of course) it creates a larger & more dangerous speed variance, and at the same time the speeders that have to slow down for Law abiding safe drivers now claim they have to "Suffer" which in turn "Frustrates" them, so now you get Mad Speeders, that is when crashes happen at a greater occurrence, and the exact reason & proof all speeders are "Bad Dangerous Drivers"

The other problem with raising the speed to 120 km/hr, besides physics and no extra enforcement, is now drivers can go all the way up to 159 km/hr and only receive a speeding ticket if they get caught, as that isn't "Excessive" according to the law, and the other obvious reason is many drivers will stay at 120- 130 km/hr even when it starts raining because they know the minute chance at receiving a ticket.

Please Explain

There's this statement in your text, that's puzzling me:

I know that the vast majority of drivers do know the likely hood of getting a ticket if you stay within 10 km/hr over are slim, even though the fact is they are now "Dangerous Speeders" causing a steady speed variance that causes crashes

If there are "Dangerous Speeders" does this mean that there are also "Safe Speeders"?

If you consider a pack of drivers on the highway, all driving 10 km/h over the posted limit, to be "Dangerous Speeders" what would you call the driver who tries to travel even faster, and is constantly weaving through the traffic in order to try and achieve this?

How does 'a steady speed variance' cause crashes?

For the last couple of weeks I've been on a job that requires driving a loop from North Vancouver to Surrey and Delta on Highway 1, then northwest on Highway 91, and on to UBC on the west side of Vancouver via Highway 99 and various arterials, ending up back in North Vancouver via the Lions Gate Bridge.

The simple fact is that on almost all of these highways, so long as things are free flowing, virtually all of the traffic is moving over the posted limits by 10 km/h - or even more. That's how it is.

But the drivers I would identify as dangerous are the ones who follow too close, change lanes frequently and reactively - often without signalling - and those who are surreptitiously engaged with their cell phones (often as not while also being guilty of tailgating and/or multiple unnecessary lane changes).

Please, directly address my two bold questions, and explain your rationale.


Thank You for pointing out your Lack of Safety Knowledge.

The sad part is the fact your a "Driver Instructor"

Of course there is no such thing as a safe speeder, all speeders are dangerous, how is that Puzzling?. I just can't get over the Fact, that a supposed driver Instructor is actually trying to justify speeding. You argue just like a Speed Advocacy Group, from a true professional drivers perspective, (MINE) I find your driving Attitude Appalling, but knowing the only reason you hold a class 1 license is because you Bought it for $1 somehow explains why, I just wished there was an attitude test before allowing a driver to become an Instructor, do you pass your wrong opinion of speeding on to your students?

Then you actually ask this,,,,,, "How does 'a steady speed variance' cause crashes?" Really? Where has this ever occurred in North America? I have Never seen anywhere that the flow of traffic all stays at the exact same speed and no one is going slower or passing at many points along a drive on public roads.

Wouldn't that be a "Great DREAM" Zero Speed Variance, that could eliminate tailgating and lane changing as no one would catch up to the vehicle in front so the need to change lanes to pass wouldn't exist, that would also eliminate what you say you witness of vehicles weaving back and forth through traffic, Correct? I am assuming you don't just witness vehicles changing lanes back & forth with no one around them.

And if your claiming that no one follows the law, well that would just be totally false.And just because many drivers choose to drive dangerously and speed and risk innocent lives, (proven every single day) how is that justifiable? Even 10 km/hr over the posted speed, means for a FACT, Less reaction time, which automatically equates to a greater chance of a crash should a mistake occur, and as you also say you witness, many are already tailgating, talking or texting on their phones, and now the added Pokemon GO, that risk of crashes increases, so how is SPEEDING SAFE in any way, shape or form in reality on our roads?


This is NOT a Contest on Who is Right and Who is Wrong...

This is supposed to be polite discussion, NOT an attack on each other.

Someone can hold a differing point of view, right or wrong, and it isn't a challenge to be shouted down.

If the discussion is not going the way you think it should, one option is to simply move on after stating your piece...


I Only Had One Reply

And if it weren't for a driver Instructor over & over on this site trying to justify Speeding, even though it's a Proven Fact of Injuring & Killing on our roads everyday, and always being so condescending towards me, it sure would be easier to not attack,,,,,, even though it's the complete TRUTH.

You notice he's the only one I have this problem with, But I will still Apologize as this is your site, I just find it almost Impossible when all the Worldwide Proof shows speeding kills, to be told there is nothing wrong with it, and not just from a driver, but by an Instructor, that's why it's so unacceptable.

So you can delete my account if you wish, or I will just Ignore him if he continues to make such false posts, even when he directly attacks me. I sure can't change who I am. I am Honest to a fault when it comes to safe driving and I can't Lie.

I won't disagree what ever you decide, I just hope you understand..... Sorry Again!!

I Meant the Comment to be Taken by All

We are all playing in the same sandbox here and your post was the one that pushed me far enough to respond.

It is aimed at everyone here, but I do appreciate your response.


The facts , the fact based evidence will determine if speeding up traffic, targetting slow drivers, in BC reduced crashes, injuries and fatalities as claimed by the BC Minister of Transportation and those who provided research to justfitfy this policy.

"The Facts Mam, only the facts" as Joe Friday said many decades ago-on the "Naked City" TV program-when will ICBC update the facts? The facts that seem to be a problem for the Hignways Minister's policies on speed limits and slow drivers.

Everyone makes some mistakes.

Fix it with more education and enforcement!

speed limit review and increased accidents and injuries.

Finally the ICBC injury and accidents have been updated to justify rate increases. There have been large increases in crashes, injuries and costs, since 2013. The evidence is pretty clear-will the Minister of Transportation resign or will anybody take resposnsbilty for speedng up traffic,accidents injuries, claim costs-and now ICBC rates?

I told you the SAFETY & SPEED REVIEW was ridiculous

Not to mention a PURE LIE!!! How can an average increase in crashes in 2014 & 2015 by 40,000 crashes per year, be considered or even hinted at as being Safer? That's not just an Increase, that is a MASSIVE INCREASE!

See what happens when you try stacking the deck to make crash stats look like NO or LITTLE difference in crashes occurred like Todd Stone tried making the public think in his reports & news articles, it has now come back on him to prove him wrong. An extra 40,000 crashes a year average, that's such a massive increase, it makes me wonder how Todd could keep a straight face while being interviewed knowing crashes were sky rocketing.

So how does Todd and his department justify spending all the taxpayers money to make BC roads MORE DEADLY, to find out years later on top of all that money spent, it will be on top of all that, an extra OVER a BILLION dollars a year more, which of course will be even higher because of the Extra lost productivity, the increased medical costs, ect,,, not to mention all the human lives ended short or forever altered effecting much more family grief and suffering.

How does a known speed demon that has proven he has little or no clue about safety, by losing his license to speeding, then continues to speed also proving how selfish he is with no concern for anyone else's safety, get to be Transport Minister? The system is Broken Big Time.

And when such a SIMPLE ANSWER exists to bring the crash rate down instead of massive increases. Automated speed distance cameras and ADD POINTS, so ALL the constant offenders will be caught and not just get a fine, but instead risk losing their license and huge Insurance Increases. The extra money can also go towards more law enforcement, on the ground concentrating on all the other risks that increase the crash rates. The Billions of dollars saved would pay for itself, all with  less death, Injury and suffering and Increased productivity,,,,,,,,, Or is COMMON SENSE not allowed in Government?

Communicate the results of increasing speed

It is clear that the BC High ways Minister has initiated policies that has resulted in many more crashes, injuries and deaths on BC Roads.

The ICBC CAO seems intent on mitigating the political accountabilty of the speed limit  /left lane policy by stating other jurisdictions are seeing similar increases in crashes.

However,Stats Canada shows a downward trend in deaths and injuries on Canadian roads in 2014  while BC injuries and deaths are increasing .

The present Government has placed the priority on going faster and this has  a huge human cost.

Next year is election year and BC voters will decide if they want to get there faster or just get there.

If there is no change in Education and Enforcement-crashes, injuries, deaths and costs will continue to increase




cost are up

Renewed my auto insurance today. Cost is up 4.9 %  going foreward in 2017. 5% for this year 2016.Near 10% Thanks to the BC Liberals policy on speeding up traffic.

A minor price to pay compared to those who lost loved ones or who are dealing with pain and suffering. So many increased crashes that the RCMP are apparently unable to devote resources to investigate all serious accidents, such as the spectacular crash with the Semi on the "Coke". The results of this investigation could take months with the increased work load from increased speed limits.Not much time for radar traps when mired in serious crash investigations..

Good Grief!

Phil, I'm a patient man, but sometimes you are just too much.

Renewed my auto insurance today. Cost is up 4.9 %  going foreward in 2017. 5% for this year 2016.Near 10%

First off, this here Thread is about Rural Highway Safety and Speed Review etc. It is NOT about the recent bump in ICBC rates. So why on earth don't you start a new topic about that, instead of jumping into this one? Frankly, a Thread about those increases would be a great idea about a topical subject (if you think you're suffering, you should see my pending increase, as a business owner operating a Driving School vehicle that is also a Passenger Transportation vehicle). Also, I suspect you were in the same math class as Class 1 Driver ...

The ICBC CAO seems intent on mitigating the political accountabilty of the speed limit  /left lane policy by stating other jurisdictions are seeing similar increases in crashes.

But the bottom line - as you well know - is that overall, crash rates have decreased more than they have increased, following the speed limit / left lane laws and higher limits on certain highway sections. Including Hwy 5 & Hwy 19, where those have been raised to 120 km/h.

The present Government has placed the priority on going faster and this has  a huge human cost.

No it hasn't.

The present Government, based on many years of data and study, has increased the limits on certain sections of highway, as if July 2014. And it seems to be working (see my comments above). As for the idea of priority, give us all a break, will you? Are you seriously expecting all of us to believe that the one and only thing that they have done in the last couple of years is raise the speed limit on 1300 kilometers of our best highways? What did they all do after that, go and smoke a few joints on the lawn in front of the Legislature?

Or is it possible that they have maybe turned their focus to other issues of concern? Things like BC Ferries, and multiple Highway upgrades that have been necessary, throughout the proince?

A minor price to pay compared to those who lost loved ones or who are dealing with pain and suffering. So many increased crashes that the RCMP are apparently unable to devote resources to investigate all serious accidents, such as the spectacular crash with the Semi on the "Coke". The results of this investigation could take months with the increased work load from increased speed limits.Not much time for radar traps when mired in serious crash investigations..

Utter crap. Sorry, Phil, but enough is enough.

The truck driver couldn't stop his rig within the space ahead of him. He totally ... damn, it's hard to use the appropriate language ... messed up. I can just about guarantee you that his brakes weren't properly functional, proportinal to his speed, load, and gradient. I'll tell ya whut, Class 1 Driver and I don't always agree on this and that, but his input in this thread is probably dead on, once you take away the hyperbole.

I don't mean to give you a hard time, but how on earth do you feel entitled to jump into every Thread on this site, and bang the same old drum, over and over, in everyone's faces?

If you want to complain about ICBC rate increases, get a Thread going on the subject! I'll back you all the way, it's criminal the way that our government keeps skimming the profits, but never pays back when things go the other way.

And if you want to complain about how fast people can now travel on Highway 5 or Highway 19 (the section in your part of the world) then fine! But the crash rate is down there, so is the serious injury rate, and I'm willing to bet that will also include the death rate - whether you like it or not.

So that's where I'm at, and I wish you would quit whining over and over in every single place on this website, showing utter disrespect for all of us who follow it and try to contribute in a meaningful and productive manner.

My,,,," hyperbole " ??????

Please point out where as You Claim I exaggerated, rather than making FALSE CLAIMS ABOUT ME........ When talking about road safety I only speak the TRUTH and I am very serious to stick to the facts and the Law,,,,,,, unlike you that actually condone Breaking the LAW, you even give the INSANE advice to SPEED on our HWY's and make FALSE claims against all the Worldwide Experts in the field of Safe Driving, with Stats & Science to back them up by YOUR CLAIM that  (SPEEDING is SAFER????) WOW, just mind boggling, sorry, but that's the truth.

Then you make another completely WRONG CLAIM that crashes have decreased???? The Proof says otherwise, in fact the Crashes have made a HUGE INCREASE in 2014 & 2015, and by an average of 40,000 per year, and with that PROOF for you to make this claim,,,,,,, " But the crash rate is down there, so is the serious injury rate, and I'm willing to bet that will also include the death rate - whether you like it or not." ,,,,,,, seems like quite the stretch of ones Imagination to the point of being a Fairytale.

Here is just from one article Sept 1st 2016, there are more, but it sure seems to make the Governments claims totally fabricated as well, wouldn't you agree?,,,,,, " – 300,000 crashes, or more than 800 every single day, in 2015 alone,” said Steve Crombie, ICBC’s vice president responsible for road safety, in the release. “Many of these crashes are caused by high-risk driving behaviours, including distracted driving.”,,,,,,,,, (Which BTW you just wrongly Claimed are all Avoidable)  I already pointed out the Government stacked the deck on their claims by NOT comparing the FULL YEARS stats against previous FULL years, and as the NOW PROOF shows a HUGE INCREASE in Crashes by an average of 40,000 per year in 2014 & 2015, even you should be able to see their "Speed Review" that shows exactly what I pointed out, they DIDN'T compare FULL years against previous FULL years, which makes their claims a complete LIE judging from the ACTUAL NOW PROOF by making the STATS they HAND PICKED keep the numbers one sided in their favor,,,,correct??? How can crashes be down when they have actually Increased by an average of 40,000 a year, even a Kindergarten Child can see the complete FLAW in that logic,,,,, no???

Here is the Full Sept 1st 2016 Article,,

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